5 Best Bird Feeder Poles in 2022 (Yes, it Matters!)

Tori Rhodes
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Bird feeder poles are an essential part of hanging your feeders. Having poor quality ones can crack or rot and be a health hazard for you as well as the birds.

If you have spent good money on a good quality feeder, getting a good, high-quality pole to hang it on will honour that investment.

In this article we review different bird feeder poles, highlighting the pros and cons of each one. We also reviewed the best poles based on value for money.

Here are the best bird feeder poles for keeping your feeders safely hanging in your backyard.

Droll Yankees Shepherd HookBest OverallDroll Yankees Shepherd Hook
Deluxe Bird Feeding Station : Bird FeedersBudget PickDeluxe Bird Feeding Station : Bird Feeders