12 Best Cellular Trail Cameras That Actually Work (2022)

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Trail cameras are getting more and more popular every year. If you’re like most people, you probably aren’t sure what is important to look for in a trail camera.

However, pictures and videos are priceless. When you place a cellular trail camera, you will see the results instantly on your phone or tablet.

The best thing is, there are cellular trail cameras available at all different price points. Below I’ve listed 12 cellular trail cameras you can find online. We also clear up any misconceptions regarding cellular trail cameras so you know exactly what to expect.

Best Camera For Sports (Action Photography), 2019.

So, you want to buy a camera and take some cool action shots. Maybe you want to go to the football stadium to take pictures of your kid while he is playing football or you want to go to the local skatepark and take some cool action shots of your friends as they are doing their wicked tricks and you want to capture the moment forever.

Either way, you need a good camera that is versatile and can take crisp quality pictures that make your friends jealous.

We have listed the best cameras that are good for sports (action photography) below for your convenience.

Moultrie Mobile 7000i Cellular Trail CameraBest OverallMoultrie Mobile 7000i Cellular Trail Camera
CREATIVE XP 3G Cellular Trail CamerasBudget PickCREATIVE XP 3G Cellular Trail Cameras

1. Moultrie Mobile 7000i Cellular Trail Camera

Our rating: 9 / 10

Moultrie Mobile 7000i Cellular Trail Camera

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  • Highly rated on Amazon
  • Great battery life
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Long lasting battery
  • 2018 Best Cellular Game Camera
  • Great for scouting and setting up trail cameras around your home
  • The perfect trail camera for a hunter with the added security that comes with the cellular option
  • AT&T compatible


  • The pairing of the camera and your phone can be challenging
  • The camera takes 6-8 hours to power on. The power must be uninterrupted for this long and you may need an external battery pack.
  • The camera needs to be at full power in order to send you snaps
  • This camera needs to be set up at a location where the AT&T reception is strong.

This camera is seamless. It allows you to set it up anywhere and get pictures sent directly to you through text. You can easily access your photos using your cell phone. The Moultrie Mobile 7000i Cellular Trail Camera has a great battery life and long lasting battery. It also comes with a great warranty. The quality of these pictures is very good. The pictures have a lot of definition and clarity. This trail camera is great for a hunter as he can be confident he will get photos right away through his cellular plan.

2. CREATIVE XP 3G Cellular Trail Cameras

Our rating: 7 / 10

CREATIVE XP 3G Cellular Trail Cameras

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  • The Best Choice for Security
  • Spacious memory of 32GB
  • The 1080p Full-HD resolution ensures the most quality images
  • There is a diagnostic shortcut button making it easy to operate
  • Comes with thermal imaging technology


  • Only works on a 1-year contract with AT&T
  • You will need a SIM from AT&T

Creative's "Outdoor WiFi Full HD" Cellular Trail Cam is one of the best trail cameras available and is a favorite for the channel.

The 32 GB SD card means this camera can hold up to 6000 pics or videos in its memory. The 1080p Full-HD resolution ensures high quality images.

This trail camera also has an automatic exposure function, and you are able to set the exposure manually too.

3. Browning Trail Cameras Defender Wireless 20MP Networked Game Cam

Our rating: 6 / 10

Browning Trail Cameras Defender Wireless 20MP Networked Game Cam

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  • Wireless cellular network viewing and sharing
  • High quality nighttime infrared footage
  • High resolution


  • MMS messages are not supported
  • No GPS tracking
  • No camera or cellular network programming

I tend to love wireless network cameras for a number of reasons, the main one of which is lack of needing to deal with cables. The Browning Trail Camera is the best of both worlds: a cellular camera that still uses a regular SD card.

If you opt to use the wire-free option, the Browning Trail Camera jumps right to the head of the pack of cellular trail cameras due to the fact that it features wireless cellular network viewing and sharing. This is virtually unheard of in the world of trail cameras and is the reason I made it the number one spot on my list.

Perhaps you prefer a more traditional approach and don’t want cellular network capability. No worries, the Browning Trail Camera is still a top performer. It wields a 20MP image sensor and a night vision range of 60 ft. That means you can catch those nocturnal critters on the move in pitch black night conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best cellular trail camera on the market?

Cellular trail cameras are quickly rising in popularity because they increase convenience, flexibility, and functionality.

The cameras themselves enable you to capture high-quality images from remote locations. They allow you to see what’s happening at your site without having to make an exhausting hike each time you want to check in.

The cameras include a SIM card so you can upload pictures to your account or to your phone as needed. Many include app compatibility.

If you’re asking which of these cameras might be the best cellular trail camera, I’m afraid there’s no simple answer. Each one has its good features and drawbacks. You can learn more about these cameras and then decide which one is best for you by reading the full guide to these products here.

What is the best trail camera for the money?

The best trail cameras for the money are the ones that you can afford based on your needs as well as your intended use. This will depend on how much you want to spend, what kind of game you’re trying to catch on film, and what you plan to do with your photos.

For those who want to set up a wildlife cam for a season or so in hopes of catching a fleeting glimpse of deer, mountain lions, or other creatures, your needs are likely very different than someone who wants something that can capture images of the same animals year-round.

It makes sense then, to go with an affordable option that will cover all your needs so that it will actually pay for itself.

How much is a cellular plan for a trail camera?

Many of the best cellular trail cameras come with a cellular plan, so what exactly is that and how much does it cost? The plan allows you to track your camera’s real-time location, receive alerts when something is detected, and connect directly to your camera to make adjustments, take pictures, and download videos.

Are Browning Trail cameras any good?

If you’re planning on getting a cellular trail camera, then a Browning model will be a good fit for your needs.

Browning trail cameras are among the most popular models on the market. They are known for being easy to install and to use as well as for having lots of features. This brand offers a full range of cellular models for just about any space and budget. This makes them a great choice for those looking to add trail camera on their property.

Browning cameras offer flexibility to fit past, current, and future needs. No matter your budget, you can find a Browning cellular trail camera that will fit your needs. The Browning model has a large LCD display with a simple design. They offer many other great features like built-in web servers, weather proofing, and date and time stamping. They also offer a variety of customizations.


Cellular Trail Cameras are some of the most popular types of cameras we’ve included in this guide. They fall into the "infrared game cameras" category because they have infrared motion sensors that activate the camera. This sensitivity and activation frequency is controlled by cellular signals. They essentially turn your cell phone into a trail camera. How cool is that?

We’ve reviewed some of the top rated Cellular Trail Cameras that are currently available on the market in 2016. We hope that this guide will help you find some of the best hunting cameras on the market and might even allow you to buy your first cellular trail camera.

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Moultrie Mobile 7000i Cellular Trail CameraBest OverallMoultrie Mobile 7000i Cellular Trail Camera
CREATIVE XP 3G Cellular Trail CamerasBudget PickCREATIVE XP 3G Cellular Trail Cameras