15 Best Parakeet Food to Keep Your Birds Healthy

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Keeping parakeets at home can be a very good choice. Not only they keep the owner company; they can also be a pleasant source of entertainment.

Owning parakeets doesn’t necessarily mean you know a lot about taking care of them. It takes a lot of care and attention to keep a parakeet in good health. To maintain the health of your parakeet, it’s important to make sure that the good diet is maintained.

As a bird enthusiast, you’ll most likely be taking good care of them. However, to make things a bit easier for you, I have listed out some of the best 15 Parakeet food / treats that you can feed your birds for healthy living.

Dr. Harvey's Our Best Parakeet FoodBest OverallDr. Harvey's Our Best Parakeet Food

1. Dr. Harvey's Our Best Parakeet Food

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Dr. Harvey's Our Best Parakeet Food

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  • Our Best Parakeet Food is completely food-grade safe
  • It's a 2-in-1 formula that contains both seeds and pellets
  • With no additives, it's one of the more natural, grain-free blends available on the market
  • The pellet portion is small, making it a one-step process for you and your pets
  • Dr. Harvey's is a known brand that has been trusted for years


  • It is a little pricey
  • Many customers questioned how fresh it was and noticed that their birds refused to eat it at times
  • There is a lot of waste with this food

& Parakeets, 10 lb bag.

This parakeet food is a great, healthy option for your bird. This blend is a favorite among the aviculture world for its high quality ingredients and shelf life. It boasts its blend of soy and whole day old corn seed as well as providing natural L-Lysine, L-Tryptophan, Inositol, and Vitamins A and D3. It’s a great natural food and contains no dyes, sweeteners or preservatives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best food for parakeets?

Unlike most other parrot species who love fruits and vegetables, budgies prefer a diet that contains more pellets and less fruits and vegetables. Budgie owners should refer to the feeding guide on the bag to determine how much food their bird should get per day.

While the ultimate choice of a food for your pet bird depends on your own preference, the practical option would be a standard pelleted food. It is the easiest to find and also those that offer the highest quality. You can buy quality pellets at any pet or pet supply store.

Parakeet owners who are merely looking to feed their pets healthy food should consider the Wellness Core products. This line comes in different flavors such as blends, basics, and flaked. The blends and basics are their top-of-the-range lines.

What birds go well with parakeets?

Parakeets, also known as budgerigars or budgies, are primarily green in color with yellow underparts. Sometimes they are also orange or blue. Parakeets are typically kept as companion birds.

Budgies are very active as they enjoy climbing and swinging from perches. They’re low energy in comparison to parrots and can easily be outdone by balls, play stands, and bulky toys. Parakeets need large cages and plenty of perches. Make sure you buy them a cage that’s at least 24 by 18 by 18 inches tall.

How do I keep my budgie healthy?

Just like any other pet, training and training and socializing are extremely important not only to keep your budgie healthy but to keep it happy as well.

I strongly recommend giving your budgie a lot of toys to keep them busy, including toys that they can chew on. Not only is a happy budgie easier to train, but a happy budgie is also a more energetic budgie.

You should also provide your budgie with plenty of attention and give it a lot of love. Your budgie is a part of your family and should be treated as such. We have a lot of pet birds of many different varieties and we believe strongly in treating them like members of the family.

I have always found our birds to be great stress relievers and great companions. They are low maintenance pets and really do love the attention they get from us on a regular basis.

Is parakeet food OK for wild birds?

Pellets suitable for birds kept as pets are not available in regular stores. Wild birds consume tons of these seeds daily and they also need the right mix of nutrients to remain strong and healthy. While it’s easy and cheap to feed your pet birds store-bought food, it’s more expensive to produce and is unhealthy for pets. Pet birds won’t have the necessary nutrients they need, and the ones they get are those which are not bioavailable.

Veterinarians also suggest you not feed your pet birds wild bird food. Wild birds are well-equipped to feed themselves and eat healthier options. They’ve adapted their diet to the pollutants, parasites, bacteria, and other dangers in their environments.


Pet birds love to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, however, giving them to your bird is only part of a complete nutrition. So you must also need to understand what is the best parakeet food for your birds. First thing is to understand about the nutritional needs of your birds. Then you will have an easier time in choosing the best food for your parakeet.

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Dr. Harvey's Our Best Parakeet FoodBest OverallDr. Harvey's Our Best Parakeet Food