Butterfly Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

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Butterfly Symbolism And Meaning

The beauty – and the symbolic significance – of the butterfly cannot be underestimated.

As a powerful symbol, butterflies are a universal cultural symbol representing hope, rebirth, metamorphosis and happiness.

The butterfly is a symbol of beauty and is particularly associated with spring. The butterfly totem represents renewal, revitalization, change and growth.

The butterfly symbolism has a dual characteristic. Hence, butterflies represent both the gentle and the harsh forces of nature.

The positive symbolism of butterfly nature as soft and gentle representing hope, beauty and valor shows that the peaceful and quiet cycle of a butterfly’s life brings about the change within a butterfly.

The negative symbolism of butterfly nature as harsh and unforgiving means the butterfly represents the unstoppable forces of nature which bring about the changes that occur in the life of the butterfly.

Not surprisingly, butterflies are closely associated with our soul and represent our emotions.

The butterfly results in the emotional release and new insights on a higher level.

Butterfly Native American Symbolism

Butterflies are connected to the Earth and its cycles, beauty, luck, transition, expiration, and resurrection.

The butterfly symbolizes the connection we have with Mother Earth. When in transformation, they represent our evolution.

Surround yourself with butterflies to encourage luck and to attract inspiration.

Butterflies can signify a special skill, just as they often represent the feminine side. If facing a decision, hold a dead butterfly to your ear to hear its guidance.

Butterfly totems frequently symbolize change.

If you see a white butterfly in your dreams, then it is a symbol of hope. If you dream of releasing a butterfly, then it is a sign that you need to let go of the past. If you kill a dream butterfly, it means you are killing your hopes or your dreams.

Butterfly Christianity Symbolism

In terms of Christianity, the butterfly can be an omen that a death in the family is on the horizon.

This is much like the dream of a butterfly being an omen of a new life. In this case, however, it’s a sign of a death happening.

The butterfly is used for both in Eastern and Western cultures.

The symbol of the butterfly is used by the Chinese for the year 1947, since it’s the year that Mao Zedong led the Communists to victory over the Kuomintang.

In Christianity and Judaism, the butterfly is used to symbolize a change of heart. This is based on the notion that transformation occurs during the life cycle of the butterfly, with a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly with a new body and life.

In Western culture, the butterfly is associated with the soul. This is based on the notion that butterflies are often viewed as souls that have lost their way, or are spirits just freed from the tomb. Hence, the butterfly symbolizes a time of reflection after change has occurred.

Butterfly Celtic Symbolism

The Celtic Butterfly symbol has been said to represent hope, purity, free spirit, and independence. The deep shades of blue protect us from evil and bring about the fulfillment of a promise made. Blue is also said to symbolize fidelity, loyalty, and truth.

Celtic Butterfly charms also remind us of that our beauty comes from within and makes us appreciate the simpler things in life like the beauty of nature and its creatures.

These charms are a great way to keep those we love close to our heart. They are said to provide its wearer with protection, prosperity, and good luck.

Butterfly charms ought to be made of silver or gold. Other metals or colors bring evil and bad luck.

They also must have a little tail coming from the butterfly’s body that signifies its great promise of good fortune. These charms should never be removed from the body until its wearer wishes for what they promised.

Celtic Butterfly charms are always placed on the wrists as it is said to be the center of our being. It is placed on the index finger as it is connected to the mind.

Celtic Butterfly charms usually come in pairs to represent the ideals of the duality of life. One without the other will never make you achieve harmony.

Butterfly In Dreams

What Does the Butterfly Mean?

By: Lisa Fenn

Have you had a dream of a butterfly? The appearance of butterflies in dreams is not necessarily an uncommon one. It could very well represent happiness, transitions, adventure, freedom, and true love.

A dream of a butterfly could also be interpreted in two different ways, depending on if the butterfly itself is flying or not.

If you see a butterfly in your dream flying freely around you, it indicates that you are on an emotional journey, and are open to making changes and transitions in your life. If you feel happy and free in this dream, it suggests that such feelings are a current part of your life experience, or that they are on the way.

When a butterfly is not flying, it is a symbol of change. When you dream of a butterfly that is not moving from one place to another, it could be a symbol of fear. It tries to tell you that you have been feeling fearful about making changes and that you may have second thoughts about the changes that are coming.

Regardless of whether you are dreaming of a butterfly flying or not, dream meanings have been associated with the butterfly. They are symbolism of beauty and the unfolding of a soul’s purpose and adventure.

Butterfly Encounters And Omens

Butterflies are known to be a symbol of rebirth and transformation.

Frequent encounters with butterflies can help you experience new beginnings and transitions in your life.

For people who have seen butterflies only rarely, seeing one is a very rare and meaningful experience.

People who have a great many butterfly encounters often feel like they are living on a magical island where butterflies can fly and be seen commonly.

Seeing a butterfly flying is believed to be a magical experience for anyone living on Earth. It is one of the most important omens and a great sign for the good fortune of individuals.

Butterflies are most commonly seen in habitats around nectar- or pollen-rich flowers. They’re loved by people for their beauty and are adored for their ability to fly and flutter.

People with butterfly encounters often see them near their homes. They’re mostly seen near birds and reptile enclosures. This is a two-way sign. Butterflies can’t swim but they are known to be attracted to animals that swim.

Seeing a butterfly can be a positive sign and good omen. Other people who are also attracted to the same beach may experience all sorts of bad luck.

Butterfly Mythology And Folklore

The butterfly is a symbol of soul and spirit. It is considered to be a totem animal that is a favorite among shamans and practitioners of divination. The butterfly symbolizes the soul and transformation.

In Asia, the butterfly is a popular symbol of female virginity because of how easy it is to capture compared to the dragonfly, which is seen as a masculine symbol of eroticism. Similarly, in Europe, the wearing of an artificial butterfly on a woman’s hat was an expression of love toward that woman.

In Norse folklore, Fjallkona was seen as a guardian spirit that looked after the farm when the owner was absent. The spirit often appeared as a white butterfly, hence her name.

Even butterflies have the power to predict the future as they are seen as omens foreshadowing good or bad luck. In other instances, butterflies symbolize various things depending on the culture. Some believe that butterfly dreams herald the arrival of a loved one.

Butterfly Spirit Animal

What does the Butterfly Symbolize?

The butterfly is the embodiment of freedom, transformation, rebirth, and liberation.

It is a potent symbol of personal transformation and the joy of letting go.

It is associated with the soul and the butterfly also symbolizes immortality and the journey of the soul into the afterlife.

The butterfly is also believed to be a messenger between the spiritual realms and the material world.

The presence of butterflies can be a sign of upcoming changes. Some believe a butterfly in an dream or vision foretells of an approaching transformation or the beginning of a new stage of your life.

Butterfly Totem Animal

In general, a butterfly symbolizes a change in perspective or life path, which can be either positive or negative.

Positive change can be a good thing as it helps people to reinvent themselves, while negative change happens as a consequence of destructive, emotionally based incidents.

The butterfly can also symbolize emergence. It is a young creature, learning to find its way in the world.

Often times, it is seen as an omen; a butterfly appearing during a conversation can lead to a new friendship, or if one touches you, it means you will change your way of thinking. It can also be a reminder that immortality is something that is not experienced by humans. Because butterflies come from a cocoon, they are living the cycles of life that much quicker.

Butterflies are sometimes said to help the end of a relationship, with which people need to let go, to find their new life path.

Chrysalis, in general, is referred to as the period of transformation from one phase of life to another. Changing body and mindset, letting go of the negative and embracing the positive, becoming stronger.

The butterfly can also represent the energy of reincarnation, as it is a creature that is a symbol for the cycle of life.

It is never the same on each experience.

It is always a different butterfly.

Butterfly Power Animal

Butterflies, of all insects, represent transformation and change. Transcendence and movement are what butterflies mean. They merely represent the process to becoming something else. And especially when it comes to the Chinese, the Butterfly represents immortality.

In the Aztec and Mayan civilizations, butterflies represent death, the soul and the spirit, messenger of the gods.

The Monarch is the most famous butterfly in North America, mainly because of its long migration from Canada to Mexico. Though only a few individuals out of thousands survive the long trip. The Monarch butterfly is also one of the most vibrant and colorful butterflies in the creatures kingdom. It is a sign of rebirth and spiritual liberation.

Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Butterflies may come in various forms and there are different meanings behind butterflies in tattoos. The most common reason behind butterfly tattoos is the beautiful pattern, its gorgeous look, and its connection to rebirth. Butterfly tattoos are also inked to symbolize a change in life or moving on to the next chapter in life.

Butterflies are also considered symbols of nature and renewal. It is believed that butterflies are associated with nature and that they represent transformation and a renewal. The symbolism of a butterfly is based on its life cycle. In its life cycle, the butterfly goes through changes from a caterpillar to a chrysalis to a moth.

It goes through metamorphosis, which is why a butterfly tattoo is often inked to symbolize the change from one state to another and its connection to a rebirth.

The symbolism of a butterfly is also connected to nature. It is thought that butterflies are a reflection of all of nature. Butterflies are fragile and beautiful creatures and have the ability to remain beautiful in chaos. They are proof that there is good in the world, even in times of violence.

If you would like to get a tattoo of a butterfly, it is important to know that there are different kinds of butterflies.

There are over 180,000 species of butterflies in the world and the majority of these butterflies have symbolism in that are different from others.

The most common butterfly that is associated with meaning is the monarch butterfly.


Butterfly message represents a change or a renewal, for you a change of status. You are going to go through an emotional process and get rid of all negative aspects of your life.

You will feel full of energy, mentally and physically. It is one of the most positive symbols.

The butterfly means independence, the ability to fly away from life, a good luck symbol and also a good luck charm.


Addiction – Unhealthy dependence on, or craving for a particular substance or activity.

Agonist – A drug that binds to a receptor and activates the receptor (a chemical messenger that is produced by a particular nerve cell and that transmits the chemical message to other nerve cells at junctions with them). The binding of the agonist to the receptor produces a response in the receptors and the other nerve cells nearby.

Allergen – A foreign substance that has an undesired effect on your body.

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