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Dove symbolism and meaning

The bird dove is known as the King of Birds. It has long been used in myth, literature, and scriptures in several cultures and religions to symbolize varying things.

Symbolism: the prolific bird dove dove stands for love, gentleness, empathy, peace, wisdom, and joyfulness among others.

Symbolism: the bird dove is a message bearer of sorts with its symbolism tied to the idea of peace and wisdom. The dove brings news, messages and carries them between areas.

Symbolism: dove signifies peace and wisdom. It also is a messenger between lovers, a communicator of sorts and represents impartiality.

Symbolism: dove is associated with peace and serenity. It’s an omen of peace and happiness.

Symbolism: dove is the source of wisdom. It is associated with peace, happiness and a calm spirit.

Symbolism: dove represents wisdom, love and peace. It is associated with gentle emotions and hope.

Symbolism: dove stands for love and peace. It represents humility, gentleness, and a sense of peace.

Dove Native American symbolism

And meaning:

The Dove is a messenger bird that is powerful and sacred to the Native Americans. It is a symbol of love and peace as well as faithfulness and protection. It brings messages of hope and guidance.

The Dove is recognized for its spirit of peace. It is said to bring messages of love from higher-level spiritual beings. A Dove will often appear as a sign from your higher power, giving you a message of some sort. It is also a sign that you are feeling the need for love and support coming from the higher spirit levels.

The Dove has healing properties and can envelop the worshipper in waves of healing force. It also represents the souls of the departed who are said to come to Earth in the form of a Dove.

Native American Shamans are said to carry a Dove who bears messages from the higher realms. The dove is a messenger, but it is also good for teaching us about balance. Just as the Dove has the ability to soar from a high perch, then to chase prey, and then return to its perch, our lives encompass many experiences and paths. Just as the Dove may rest on a perch, even though it has the ability to fly, alternate paths of the human journey may be called upon.

In Native American lore, the Native American Dove is a magical guardian, or a spirit animal, and can help you balance your spirit.

Dove Christianity symbolism

The dove is also a symbol of the Holy Spirit. It is most often linked to the dove of the baptism of Christ. This dove descended from above, and landed on Jesus just as he was being baptized. It stayed on Jesus until he ascended, signifying the power of the Holy Spirit.

One of the first Bible verses that mentions the dove is from the book of Genesis. It states that a dove emerged from the gourd that carried the curse of Adam and Eve.

The dove is a symbol of peace, purity, calming, and new beginnings. It is often associated with love, fertility, and marital happiness. In ancient times, it was believed that a dove in the house was a good sign, as it meant that there was wisdom and protection in the house.

Doves are also powerful symbols that capture the essence of the feminine and are often seen paired with the snake.

Dove Celtic symbolism

Whenever the dove appears in a dream, you have been approached by a spirit who has sensed your need for guidance and assistance.

If you rescued a dove in your dream, it suggests that you are being guided with great care and sensitivity.

Divs and Doves

The white dove is well known to be the symbol of the Holy Spirit in Christian writings. It is often used to in scripture to symbolize the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit. The dove often works hand in hand with the Holy Spirit This is why the appearance of a white dove often signifies a Divine message that has been sent to you.

The symbolic meaning of the dove relates to the calmness of a dove. When a dove appears in your dreams, it is spreading calmness and peace. This is one of the reasons why it is also used as a symbol of love and peace.

Any clear white bird in you dream represents a Spirit Messenger from your higher self. This is not to be confuses with the White Winged Dove that has darker spots on it's body. The White Winged Dove is the Spirit of your Descendant.

Dove in dreams

The most simple and general impression associated with the dove is the pure and positive emotion. They are considered to be the heralds of love and peace. The presence of a dove in a dream means that love will soon return or visit you, unlike the bird this is a symbol of freedom.

If you dream that the bird is flying, then that means eternal happiness and the continuation of your happiness without any obstacles; but if you see it on the ground, in this case the dream signifies the close and dark past.

The dream on which you see a dove near your house is a sign that you will soon be visited by some guests.

If you dream that the dove is flying near you, this dream means that everything should be peaceful and calm in your life and calm will reign everywhere.

Doves in dreams are also associated with the Holy Spirit, but they are often attributed to evil spirits (unclean).

Doves appear to be a good omen for the groom, and are also considered to be a symbol of peace.

Dove encounters and omens

Dove symbolism goes back to ancient Greece and as far as Israel. It is credited to first being used in the 14th century and birds of the same name were then documented. Doves have often been associated with love and romance, and mythology and lore telling many stories of them as the lovers of the Goddess of Love, Venus.

In the Bible, Noah released a dove from the ark and waited for it to return with an olive branch. This symbolizes hope that nature might one day be restored. The bird is also said to have been used to announce the birth of Jesus.

Other cultures attribute the dove to spirituality or peace, with doves released during wedding ceremonies symbolizing peaceful unions.

If you spot the dove or hear them cooing in your home or garden this month, take it as a symbol of peace.

If you’re ever in a situation that requires great thoughts of peace for you to survive, this is the perfect month to call upon them.

Dove mythology and folklore

The white dove is a very special cultural symbol. This is because it possesses an important connection with the divine. For example, it is said that doves were once immortal birds that were transformed into a more mortal state. After this divine act, doves were still able to fly so high that they would still see and also know of the divine.

What’s more, it is said that when doves fly, their wings touch the sky as they also move away from the earth. This makes the doves living symbols of the divine since they literally connect both the earth and the sky.

In some cultures, the dove is a messenger of the divine. This is why it is a symbol of peace. Doves are, in fact, very polarized animals. They are also symbols of beauty yet violence. In many myths, the dove is a harbinger of death.

The dove can be seen gaining prominence in Christianity. This is attributed to the dove of Noah. It is said that it was a dove that brought back a branch of an olive tree to Noah. Since this branch symbolized the presence of the world’s rebirth, it is believed that this branch symbolized the coming of peace after a baptism of water.

Dove spirit animal

In mythology, the dove is very often associated with the ideal of peace and with the act of co-operation.

It is said that the dove also represents purity and hope, which are the most perfect of all qualities.

In Alchemy, it represents the feminine and the earth, which I guess is the most primitive of the alchemical pairings.

Pairs well with raven, bear, crow, and dragon, but not with sheep.

I’d suggest it as a totem for those who are healers, especially herbalists.

Omens in general: If you come across a sick dove, expect the worst, especially if there is no pair.

In Alchemy, you may find the dove paired with the dragon, as there are two kinds of doves. Searching for its solitude, it can be a symbol of loneliness or rejection from others.

Is it one of your totem animals?

The dove was, in this way, a symbol of the Earth as the creator, a sacred animal.

The dove is a messenger for peace, love and wisdom.

In mythology, doves are associated with couples, because they can express mutual love without words.

The dove is a symbol of joy, peace and innocence, but also of fertility and prosperity, maybe because its nest is a safe place, as well as it returning to its home with an olive branch.

Dove totem animal

The dove speaks of a desire for peace such as that which comes from knowledge of the spiritual purity possible in every relationship. The appearance of a dove in your life may be an indication that you are seeking a more spiritual way of life for yourself.

When you see a dove, you may feel inspired to consider your relationships and how you can bring more love to them. The dove has the power to bring peace to the most conflicted situations.

Your level of peace and serenity largely depends on how much love you give out.

Dove power animal

Dove symbolism is rich and complex. You will often find dove images representing peace, purity, love and spirituality.

Specifically, the dove is the universal symbol of love and when the dove brings peace, it is likely to be a peace without terms, and without bounds.

Small white doves represent the feminine aspect. They are often used in weddings or symbolic of the feminine principle.

When a dove is displayed upside down, it represents negative energy. When a dove is with an umbrella or a lamp, it is a sign of death.

Evil spirits will send their doves to the humans to discover their secrets. The above dove symbolism meanings are the most common ones but they by no means are the only ones.

The dove is a complex symbol representing many different types of energies depending on the context it’s used and the location of the dove. If you’re interested in learning more about dove symbolism and meaning, do a quick Internet search for images of this magical animal. Apart from the facts mentioned here, you’re bound to find more.

Dove tattoo meaning

People with dove tattoos typically have a connection with the symbol, and that connection could be religious.

The dove is the second most common animal depicted in religious art, following the lamb. Doves are often associated with the Holy Ghost.

They are also a symbol of peace.

Since the Holy Ghost descended on the Apostles at Pentacost in visible form as tongues of fire, the dove has been the symbol for the Second Person of the Holy Trinity.

Doves are also understood to be a symbol of the Holy Mother and are associated with attributes of gentleness, passivity, and sweetness.

Doves are also another animal associated with the Virgin Birth as the Holy Mother is supposed to have been impregnated by the Holy Ghost.

The dove is also a symbol of fertility and is connected with the concept of the Holy Womb, or the Immaculate Conception.

It was Mary who brought Jesus into this world without the stain of original sin. The Holy Ghost was her impregnator, and the symbolism of the dove comes into play with the Holy Womb. The dove is also a symbol of peace and innocence.

Dove tattoos are typically placed on the upper part of the shoulder or along the spine.

Dove tattoos are not always symbolic; they are sometimes used to mark a lost or special love.


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