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Dragonfly symbolism and meaning

The dragonfly is a symbol of change. They are attracted to and thrive in fresh flowing water. We can learn from this symbol that when we are stuck or stagnant in life we need to start flowing again.

The dragonfly is taken as a symbol of swiftness or swift-ness, not speed. And it is also a symbol of the mind as well, because they process things very quickly.

The dragonfly is a bit like the phoenix bird in that it takes on an entirely new identity with each molt. This symbolism reminds us that we can be reborn in new and better ways.

The dragonfly is a preeminent flash, a beacon of crispness and movement in a day when it is not moving at all. It is a reminder to slow down and give time time for tasks to get accomplished and situations to resolve.

Dragons are symbols of powerful energy, strength, and wisdom. They are symbols of the strength one can have when faced with adversity or danger. Having the spirit of a dragon also means being able to help others or lead others.

Dragonfly Native American symbolism

The Iroquois thought dragonflies were born through the process of metamorphosis and considered them to be inspiring creatures that instructed their people to be open-minded.

To the Chinese, the dragonfly was a sign of spring and fortune. They thought they brought happiness and long life if encountered. [3]

In Japan, the dragonfly is symbolic of the Samurai and even today, the Japanese people believe they receive messages from a dragonfly if one flies by.

Among the Native Americans, it was believed that the dragonfly was the medium between life and death. Its appearance on earth served as a reminder that those who enter into the spirit world may return.

The Iroquois believed that the dragonfly was the chief of all insects. He was thought to be the grandfather of the human race, who had fire to keep our souls warm in our bellies. It was the dragonfly who provided fire to the people.

In the Chinese language dragonflies are represented by the word “Tian Lung” which means “Heavenly Dragon” and is a symbol of good fortune. Both dragonfly and frog are symbols of perseverance.

Dragonfly Christianity symbolism

In Christianity, the dragonfly is a symbol of freedom. It’s also a symbol of fidelity, freedom, heaven, light and wisdom.

The dragonfly transcends many cultural and religious bounds and represents many things to many different people.

The dragonfly is the link between heaven and earth. It represents the highest and most heavenly realm of the spirit and the underworld of the physical.

The dragonfly is a metaphor of the connection between life and death. It’s a symbol of change … as the dragonfly lives all of its life as an immature larva, moving from water to land to transform into a dragonfly, only to die shortly thereafter as an adult.

The dragonfly is also a symbol of a higher power during a most vulnerable time in life. It’s a spiritual guide throughout the periods of birth, childhood and near-death and dying.

The dragonfly is associated with the planet Jupiter and the element of Water. In the Chinese zodiac, it represents the dragon and the year of the pig. In Hindu mythology, it is associated with the deity Lakshmi and the representation of the human soul.

A dragonfly is a guardian angel that brings protection from evil.

Dragonfly Celtic symbolism

The dragonfly is mainly associated with fire and life, possibly because of its red and black color, and also symbolism of rebirth. Dragonflies were also closely associated with umbrellas, and that would influence people in Asia to label them as symbols of rain.

Lore regarding dragonflies includes the contrasting traits of masculine and feminine and that the dragonfly’s unpredictability is a characteristic similar to the butterfly.

Dragonfly was viewed as a sign of good luck and happiness in many cultures, mostly because of its unique flying pattern. Some even listed the dragonfly as a symbol of joy and happiness.

The dragonfly was a favorite motif for artists both for its aesthetic beauty and for showing energy and vitality. Its ability to fly against strong wind was also used for references by poets.

While an adult dragonfly may face the risk of getting preyed, its beauty and grace while flying gave it a fancy status. In fact, it was considered a sign of immortality.

Incidentally, dragonflies are still drawn and used by the Chinese as ornaments. They are used in the form of embroidery and beads.

It may be surprising to many that dragonflies have the largest wingspan in the world. It is approximately one to three inches wide, significantly more than a butterfly’s.

Dragonfly in dreams

Dragonflies can be harbingers of change. Remember, dragonflies have a dual personality. They are loners and open souls.

They originate from the water and soar in the sky. They are the unpredictable.

When you chase or hunt dragonflies, you are desperate to change something in your life.

When you see dragonflies go up in a cloud, you will enter a world of creativity.

Dragonfly dreams occur when you go to a new place. The dream reminds you never to fear new situations. It is natural to face resistance when you are in a new place because you are grieving for what was.

Dragonflies teach you to see with new eyes.

A dragonfly is also a symbol of one’s creative or sensitive side. If you are having a dragonfly dream, you are feeling inspired and creative.

A dragonfly dream could mark a time for you to reflect on the things that make you confident and strong.

To see a dragonfly means you will be taking an important step towards your goals.

The dragonfly has been a popular image for centuries. They are beautiful creatures with a complex design. There are many tribal symbols for dragonflies.

Dragonfly represents intuition, inspiration, and fearlessness.

Dragonfly encounters and omens

Dragonflies are a sign that a part of your life dynamic is changing and you need to adjust to those changes.

Your life has been proceeding in a similar pattern until this event. At this time a change will occur to your life pattern. It may be small or large.

That change could be a good one that leads to a new and better chapter for you. It could be something that is unpleasant such as bad weather but it will only stay a temporary time.

Consider it a test to see how you can handle it.

It is important to have patience with yourself.

You may be anxious about the changes that are occurring.

But you must take it day by day. “Change is the only thing constant in life,” the adage goes.

Try to enjoy the change and see what it brings you. For if it is positive, then you can rest assured that the new path will lead you a much better life.

Dragonfly mythology and folklore

The dragonfly has many symbolic meanings and symbolic uses. As Totem or Spirit Animal, the Dragonfly can guide us to become more self-assertive, positive, and optimistic.

Religious uses of the Dragonfly include the famous “Holy Cross-in-Water” emblem of Saint Mauritius, the companion of Saint Lucy and, of course, the Cross.

The dragonfly and its larvae are found in freshwater habitats. This means that they represent the fresh potential coming forth from still and pure waters in our lives.

The dragonfly’s ability to fly so swiftly and with such power also symbolizes fast progress through life’s obstacles, achieving one’s destiny, and rising above petty problems. Based on this meaning, the Dragonfly is also a strong symbol of completion.

The dragonfly was also an emblem used by the Celts, especially in Ireland, where it was revered as the symbol of an active spiritual life.

The ancient Chinese believed that dragonflies were vehicles of the souls of the departed.

The Ojibwe Native Americans believe that the dragonfly is the totem of love and affection, but also that it can show a person the way to go if one is lost.

Dragonfly spirit animal

Meaning & symbolism.

You may be thinking that dragonflies are just plain old bugs, but insects have always been symbols of ancient wisdom and knowledge. (For example, butterflies represent the soul.)

The dragonfly is an amazing creature with a truly unique way of life. Furthermore, it’s representative of something very positive in your life.

Dragonflies represent healing, transformation, self-improvement, and personal growth.

The dragonfly can also be a guide to helping you communicate between the dimension of the conscious and the unconscious mind.

When you are struggling with something that seems unsolvable, the dragonfly asks you to seek out the reasons for your struggle.

What effect does the problem have on your life? Does it reveal some kind of underlying pattern in your life? And when you uncover the issue, do you have the power to change it?

Dragonflies offer us a great opportunity to change our lives for the better. Their messages are also about allowing ourselves to do things differently.

When Dragonflies Fly by Your Side

Dragonfly dreams are usually very meaningful and reflection of your state of mind. They can tell you what you need to hear, but sometimes, you just don’t want to hear it. That’s where the dragonfly totem comes in.

Dragonfly totem animal

The dragonfly symbolizes transformation, movement, growth of spiritual guidance. They are said to offer luck, mental clarity, dream interpretation and fortune.

Dragonflies are one of the most powerful and mystical creatures on the planet. Lucky as they are, they are commonly referred to as luck bugs because they have an interesting way of finding treasure. As legend has it, dragonflies are capable of finding treasure.

A dragonfly finds buried treasure by following its instincts. It is believed that if a dragonfly flies near your treasure, it will lead the way to the spot. The more a dragonfly is attracted to your treasure, the more likely it is that he will lead you to it. So be sure to pay attention to dragonflies around you, because they might be directing you to your very own treasure.

Dragonflies are believed to watch over and protect you from danger. Because nothing is stronger than a dragonfly’s wings, they are able to keep you safe, especially when you get caught in a tough situation. Their ability to fly and move either up, down, on to or away from any situation also makes them a natural protector. Dragonflies can also sense when danger is around and warn you accordingly.

Dragonfly power animal

The dragonfly is an insect that people commonly see during certain seasons and yet they find hard to identify. Dragonflies are strong fliers and its body is suited for flight.

Its large and flat wings that move back and forth to give them the capability to be agile in the air. As for their size, they are giants compared to other insects.

They can be found in many colors from red, yellow, blue, black, and white. They can also be spotted with shades that are in between these colors.

This flier has a length from 1.2 to 2 inches. Dragonflies also have large compound eyes that allow them to see more in their environment.

They are one of the largest mayflies in the world, only second to the giant dragonfly.

These insects are characterized by intense blue color in the body, an abdomen that is long and pointed at both ends, and a long and forked eyes.

In some species, the females are larger than the males. The dragonflies are insects that are highly regarded by ancient cultures. These cultures viewed the dragonflies as a good omen, especially for those who are attached to the unyielding and righteous endeavor.

Dragonfly tattoo meaning

The dragonfly is a mystical and magical creature which is associated with the element of air and opposites. As it has the ability to be in two places at once it is a symbol of the bridge between the physical and the spiritual worlds. The dragonfly is also a messenger, a sign of healing and comes with a message urging you to take action, especially in regard to issues which are of great importance to you.

The dragonfly is symbolic of change: it is the perfect bridge between the worlds of material and spiritual energies. It is a power animal which helps draw upon the power of the cosmos to assist you in your journey through life. The dragonfly tattoo can also help you to stay centered and in touch with your spiritual purpose in life.

This mystical creature that flies with the winds also symbolizes the opportunity for you to have balance and harmony in your life, particularly in relation to achieving a happy and successful life.

The dragonfly also represents the butterfly”s power to make a quick and profound transformation. Of the hundreds of dragonfly species, some are able to change their lifespan from two years to just a few months in order to reproduce. This remarkable attribute is a symbol of our ability to adapt to change when necessary and to seize opportunities when they arise.


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