Feather Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

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Feather symbolism and meaning

Feathers symbolize life, strength, flexibility, and beauty.

Given their importance to bird migration, flight, and socialization, feathers have an obvious connection to the sky.

Flight and the sky are also linked to degrees of separation from the earth and therefore, life.

Feathers, therefore, symbolize the journey of life.

In Native American culture, feathers are worn on special occasions by shamans and believe control the weather and communicate with the spirit world.

Feather Native American symbolism

To the Native Americans, the symbolism and meaning of Native American feather varies. Tribal feather is a symbol of humility, strength, courage and trust.

Take the Cherokee tribe, for instance, the native people believe that feather helps in producing a calm mind.

Other tribes like the Hopi’s believe that Native American feather is a symbol of happiness.

Feather symbols often reflect their reputation. One example is the Native American Bald Eagle which is believed to be one of the most important tribes.

Just like the Eagle feather, the symbolism here is that of power, strength and freedom.

Native American feathers hold a deeper meaning for certain tribes.

Virgin eagle feather as an example is a symbol of wisdom.

Men from the Native American tribes used feathers as a declaration of their courage during war.

These warriors also felt quite honored to wear feathers to battle.

As they believed that wearing feathers, would make their spirit stronger.

Feather Christianity symbolism

Feathers usually don’t come to mind when thinking associations with Christianity. But as we investigate a little bit, we quickly find the mention of feathers in the Bible used as symbols.

Nowhere else does the Bible mention the cross as a symbol of Christianity.

Instead it refers to the “feather” instrument of torture for self-mutilation.

The Cross “Patibulum”