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Fox Symbolism and meaning

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The Fox symbol and meaning is often associated with wit and craftiness, as well as being elusive and cunning. Other Fox symbolic meanings include craftiness, cunning, deception, obsession, warning, sexual pursuits, desire, lust, deception and greed.

The Native Americans had many Fox legends and tales relating to the Fox symbol. These legends varied widely, but were often associated with deceit and trickery of some sort. The following is a summary of the symbolic meaning of Fox :

Fox Native American Symbolism

Fox is a water totem, which signifies that Fox will need to be near water, and has a deep connection. If you see a Fox in your dream and you believe it is a good omen, you will come into some additional finances. You will be able to travel and enjoy life more as of late. Eventually, this dream may become true.

Fox can also appear in your dream if someone is after you and has hurt your feelings. This dream is usually a cause for alarm, and should be taken seriously. You should not ignore this warning.

On the positive side, your Fox totem will also let you know that you will soon run into some luck, especially in the financial situation. A woman under the Fox totem should be ready for a new romance with a person who is not like anyone she has ever known. The Fox man with a woman will be in a strong love relationship with this woman.

For a man, seeing Fox magic in your dreams is a good omen, as it is related to the totem of a great success.

Fox Eastern Symbolism

The fox beat to the ground with a stick. The panther is easily tamed with a little flattery. Even the bear is no problem if you can gratify his needs.

The fox is recognized in nature as an all-wise animal, full of cunning, lust, and deception, capable of taking care of itself under any circumstances.

It typifies the element fire, denoting warmth, intensity, and impetuousness. It also represents the sixth sense, the gift of keen observation and insight. Symbolically, it is the guardian of the hidden, the unknown. The fox is said to be a forecaster of the future.

Fox people are blessed with the traits of intelligence, good fortune, perceptiveness, adaptability, and daring. If you have a strong affinity for the animal, the following are some basic traits which will help you to understand it as an individual:

The fox symbolizes independence and self-sufficiency. He knows when he can afford to be generous and when he can afford to be cautious. He has an almost uncanny ability to size up people and situations. It is virtually impossible to catch or fool him.

Fox Christianity Symbolism

Christianity has used many animal symbols over the ages. For example, the lamb; the dove; the fish; the falcon; the lion; the bull; the dog; the swan, etc. However, the fox is not one of the most commonly known animal symbols of Christianity.

Although one of the least popular animal symbols of Christianity, the fox does have significance and meaning. And someone who is identified by a particular animal is an individual with the fox spirit.

Fox symbolism is suggested to have an association with God. The fox is also known as being cunning, crafty, and prophetic. Those who reflect the wolf animal totem are also thought to have the fox spirit. They are born with the power to be the best or worst in nature.

There are also those who believe that the fox is a spirit animal that has the ability to cross between the spirit and the world. The fox totem is also considered to be both good and bad. They are said to be able to see both the dark and light simultaneously. Those with the fox totem are also thought to be able to figure out a way to trick and outdo everyone around them.

The color variations of the fox can be a sign of a certain direction a person is going in. For example, brown foxes are said to be a sign of bad luck, as they are associated with deceit. Green and red foxes are said to have a complexion that talks about healing.

Fox Celtic Symbolism

The fox is a tricky spirit, and my personal favorite of all the animals. Fox is actually the only animal that can be either male or female. So if you see a fox in your dreams and don’t know its gender, it will be the subconscious representation of the most cunning, intelligent and trickster aspect of yourself.

On a negative note, this cunning can also lead you to being out-smarted more easily and it may be an indication that you need to be a little more alert, and less naive.

All in all, the fox has a very strong connection with the Moon (one of them, the white fox, actually gets its coloring during the brighter half of the year, but this is a more rare form than the traditional grey fox), and is one of the trickster animals.

Also, although the fox can be a bit of a thief, it is mainly a beneficial totem animal related to magic, shamanism, intuition, meditation and cunning.

Fox African Symbolism

Meaning & Legend.

Africans and particularly the Dogon tribe , believed the fox was sacred and saw it as a totem animal, a spirit animal and a messenger of the gods.

They believed that by eating the flesh of the fox they could become as clever as it is. In some tribes the fox is also associated with the moon.

Folklore tells us that when the moon is full one can hear the voice of the fox children.

Fox in Dreams

The fox is often viewed as a symbol of cunning, cleverness, and cunning, and a fine and proud huntress.

The fox also represents great intelligence, and it is a superb teacher to those who are willing to learn from it.

The fox, even more so if a white one, can also represent hard work and steadfast determination. This creature will not give up easily, and so it can also be a symbol of strength will.

In the Far East, the fox is said to be a useful creature to have around since it is a great helper to the farmer.

Not only will this creature continue to help with many of the tasks on the farm, it can also aid those who farm fish or crops in the nearby pond.

Foxes have also been known to help people who need some kind of spiritual help.

If you would ever consider having a fox in your life, you should remember that you are in for one challenging ride.

In mythology, the fox is often viewed a creature of the dark and therefore trickster in nature.

However, it can also be viewed as a sacred creature to those who believe in its helpful nature.

There even is a belief which predicts that a fox will appear in the life of a very prominent and intelligent person and give them great wisdom and insight.

Fox Encounters and Omens

Fox encounters and sightings can have a variety of meanings and symbolism. Depending on what was going on in your life when you had your encounter with the fox, it might have been a helpful visit from a messenger spirit, a sign of a good luck, or a foreboding of some bad event about to happen.

The fox is a common totem animal for people involved in nature spirituality. They are viewed as both a nature spirit animal and as the animal guide of the “huntsman” variety. As a nature spirit animal, the fox is usually seen as a guide to the spiritual power of the soul, the health and survival of the body, and the protection and safety of the home and family. The fox is often viewed as a mystical animal and a messenger from the spiritual regions.

Foxes are also viewed as tricksters and magical animals. This mischievous nature makes them a cautionary spiritual animal. When the fox appears to a dreamer, it usually means that there is a concealed danger in the dreamer’s current situation. It might also indicate that the dreamer is in a dangerous situation from which he needs to extricate himself as quickly as possible.

Fox’ Mythology and Folklore

The fox was revered as a clever trickster in mythology and folklore and often use its intelligence to trick humans but a number of stories depict the fox as a loyal and helpful creature.

While mixed in the negative light in the Western World, the fox is praised and credited with an auspicious demeanour in China. For this reason, the creature is commonly used as a symbol for prosperity in Chinese traditions and customs.

Aside from the Chinese, the fox is also used as a symbol in Japan and Russia. The latter often portrayed the fox as a dangerous creature in Russian fables whilst in Japan, the creature is often portrayed as a divine messenger. It’s significant to note that the Japanese have a deep affinity with the fox which is why they incorporate fox-shaped dishes and accessories in their outfits and accessories even to this day.

In European countries, the fox is often associated with cunning and trickery. The creature is often depicted as a part of popular English and Scottish fairytales. The most notable of these fairytales are arguably “The Fox and the Grapes” and “The Fox and the Hound”. Folklore suggests that due to the tricks and tall tales it has been credited in, the fox has made it to the top of the food chain in those regions.

Fox Spirit Animal


Fox Totem Animal

The fox totem animal meaning is a messenger for the earth. They are here to help us remain connected to our own intuition and spiritual wisdom, and use that wisely.

They also know when it’s time to move on, and teach us that in order to move forward, we need to let go of what no longer serves us.

Fox symbolism and meaning is all about growth. The fox teaches and instructs us with their ability to see things in a different perspective than other totems.

They have a unique way of interpreting life and are known as the mediums of change and balance. They also have the unique gift of finding their way through tough situations, especially in the most difficult of times.

Known to have the ability to manage stress, the fox animal totem knows the value of higher knowledge and is able to use information they’ve acquired to help guide and transform those around him or her.

Although fox totem animal meaning is associated with darkness, the darkness they come with is a dark that is guided by light.

In contrast to the other totems, the fox is a very mysterious animal and symbolizes the unknown and the secrets of the universe.

This totem animal possesses the same dualistic personality like all foxes do. This symbolizes the fact that there is always light in darkness.

Fox Power Animal

The fox is a very interesting creature. Just like the fox, you can be very sly and swift. If you have a fox totem, you know how to get what you want out of life quickly.

The fox is a symbol of the Native American Farmers, as they knew that the fox was quick and clever. As a matter of fact the fox is one of the only animals that the Native Farmers have given the respect of having a Totem.

The fox is an extremely good friend, and they will always be there for you when you need them.

The power of a fox totem is quite strong! You are very clever, and you have a very good head on your shoulders. You tend to have very good luck and you can make good money.

The fox is also a symbol of the trickster and people who are known for their excellent lying abilities. If there is a fox spirit that is guiding you, you will have a lot of success and luck, but you must also be aware that the fox is a symbol of the power of magic and a spirit guide whose magic must be handled with care.

Fox Tattoo Meaning

Fox symbolism is of the quieter, stealthy kind as it is very self-reliant and anonymous.

Fox is reflective, tenacious and is a bit of quick thinker. The fox also has a beautiful sense of humor and a deep curiosity, also makes a strong emotional bond to other members of the family.

Fox is said to bring unexpected changes and often enough, it has the ability to make people and situations less critical.

Many people believe that the power of the fox is related to shapeshifting and illusion making. As revealed in a legends and myths, they are said to be able to change their form.

In Chinese, the fox is a magical being as it is believed that the fox can be a great companion in the spiritual practice. It is said that there are two kinds of totem animals.

One is the white fox spirit, which has white bones, and the other one is the red fox spirit which is known to be active and alert.

The Chinese believed that the white fox spirits were those that have the ability to assist the practitioners in the practice of initiation. The red fox spirit, on the other hand, was said to be able to detect any kind of unfavorable life energy and dispel the same.


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