Hawk Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

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Hawk symbolism and meaning

(+totem, spirit & omens)

Hawk is a stealthy winged predator, but its ferocity in grabbing its prey in its sharp talons makes it a symbol of destruction. This is the paradox which lends such fascination in hawk symbolism and meaning.

In some Native American cultures, Hawk dreams are serious business. The Lakota believed that there is a hawk for every person, and if a hawk came to you in a dream or vision, it meant your soul would soon embark upon a great journey.

The appearance of a hawk in your dream can mean change, whether that is a change in your career or in your relationships. It is a spirit totem, and it has one of the highest healing frequencies of all animals.

If you dream of a hawk soaring in the sky, you will experience a period of growth and achievement, although you will also need to be aware of jealousy from those around you.

Longing to own a hawk means you will always be seeking spiritual accomplishments. The hawk is transcendent, and if you dream of it, you too can gain the ability to soar above the mundane.

Hawk Native American symbolism

Hawk Christianity symbolism

In Christianity, the hawk stands for conversion and vocation.

In the Middle Ages, hawks were used to hunt prey. Thanks to their strong wings and eyesight, people believed that God has given hawks a sure sign of vocation. Thus, hawks carry the meaning of vocation and its challenges.

When hawks carry a small bird or a mouse, the prey carries the meaning of Christ whom hawks have been given the power of vocation.

Jesus, the soul-winner, is an example of one who possessed the best of qualities of a hawk. He knows everything and he is always on the lookout.

Birds relate to those who have been called by God to be a soul-winner. Of course, they are not perfect yet. They are still learning. But they are fully aware of what is going on and they accept the challenge.

The hawk in Christianity stands for the people who accept to face the challenge of soul-winning, to join the flock, to be converted and to be a real follower of Christ.

Also, the hawk is a symbol of the one who is on the spiritual hunt. They find the lost ones and bring them back to the flock. One of the most outstanding traits of hawks is that they are perseverant. When they see a prey that they think they can hunt, they chase and hunt it until they capture it. They never give up on the hunt.

Hawk Celtic symbolism

A hawk is a powerful symbol, representing the power of the heavens and the spirit that can soar to great heights.

This magnificent bird has long been a totem of Native Americans, and was revered for its healing properties for both the physical body and the spirit.

Hawks have a reputation for being great hunters, being able to surprise their prey without giving away their presence. When flying, a hawk looks effortless, to the point that many people will not pay attention to its remarkable flying skills.

The hawk is a revered spirit animal in many cultures, and once signified wisdom, expanded consciousness and hidden knowledge. This bird’s presence is a sign to acknowledge all that is sacred, this means that we have to be responsible for our actions if we want to earn its blessings.

Because of their predatory nature, hawks were associated with war and aggression.

It is believed that the hawk can heal past life hurts and this personality was used for soul retrieval in many tribes.

For the Aztecs, the hawk represented rulership, and in ancient Egypt the hawk was associated with the God Horus, who is the God of the sky and protector of the pharaohs.

Hawk in dreams

Hawks often appear in dreams either as a totem animal or as a spirit animal representing hidden powers, wisdom, vision, and strength.

This is one of the most powerful birds to appear in dreamtime. It always appears with a specific purpose in mind and its appearance should never be dismissed or taken lightly.

Hawks are primarily birds of prey and they live by the code that says the strong survive and the weak perish.

This animal ruling above the lesser animals knows this all too well. The hawks grace and beauty can’t hide what’s inside. The large talons and the sharp beak can be very dangerous.

Hawks know this all too well and deal with their prey in a businesslike manner. They don’t play second fiddle.

Hawks have superior sight and can spot their prey from a distance. If you’re told that you have the eye of a hawk it means that you possess a sharp eye, able to see what others don’t see. It also means that you see the good in others and get the job done.

A hawk spirit could be telling you to not ignore your intuition and that you can always trust it to keep you on the right path. The next time your intuition tells you to do something, trust your inner voice and take that leap of faith.

Hawk encounters and omens

Nocturnal birds of prey are sometimes known as harbingers of death because of their association with death and its causes.

Hawks seem to be particularly sensitive to the presence of death. A hawk may circle or land on a rooftop or by a window where a corpse is present, especially in cases where the body is not yet found or is temporarily concealed.

In Native American lore, it is believed that hawks act as messengers from the dead or even the souls of the dead, and that the sudden appearance of a hawk is a foretelling or a curse.

Although hawks and other nighttime hunting birds were believed to bring death when they appeared close to a house or a building because death approached when they are seen, the hawk also symbolized the freeing of the soul from wanderings and a passage into the next world.

Some believe that those who see a hawk before death will travel far, seen as the bird always on the move from place to place.

It is also believed that hawks are to be feared, particularly if they are seen close to a house or if they hover or circle overhead. For the Apache, it is believed that hawks are harbingers of bad news or bad omens.

Hawks' mythology and folklore

Throughout history, the hawk has been portrayed as a predator, though many peoples also considered it to be a wise and clever creature. The hawk has also been thought of as a spiritual guide who would help men achieve enlightenment.

There is indeed a great deal of wisdom and insight that can be learned from the observation of hawks. The hawk is also associated with the sun and heat, suns, fire, and the summer season.

The hawk is considered a symbol of insight and foresight. The hawk is, thus, well suited as a totem and also as a spirit guide. In addition, the hawk spirit guide can serve to help a person find an additional inner voice and also wisdom.

A hawk totem helps a man to be courageous in his actions, to speak his inner wisdom in a clear and concise manner, and to live his life in a fearless manner.

By listening to what your inner hawk has to tell you, you can learn to act with integrity and in accordance with whose you are, not with what you think others want you to be.

Hawks also hold the knowledge of the past and of lineage. Some shaman consider the hawk to be a totem animal totem of protection and empowerment.

A Native American Fondly Speech to be spoken on the occasion of a hawk totem journey:

"Hawk, soaring high above,

Your vision never falters.

Hawk spirit animal

The hawk is the bird of prey (like the eagle). The hawk is the warrior, the adventurer, the adventurer, the slow steady progress, the runner, the scout, the explorer, the pathfinder, the seeker, the explorer, the connector, the messenger, the tattletale, the info-spreader, the light bringer, the bringer of life-giving energies, the helper, the teacher, the initiator, the Gatherer, the lover of Nature, the Dictator.

Hawk signifies the warrior, the strong one. Spiritually, it is the power of vision and intuitive knowing acting independently of the logical, rational mind.

Hawk is a truth seeker and the guardian of freedom with the boundless vision to see most all possibilities.

Hawk is a messenger of truth and a tattletale. Hawk sees all and tells all.

Hawk is the light-bringer and the darkness-bringer.

Hawk is the keeper of balances, be it good or bad (creater of polarity).

Hawk is the warrior, the great Sun warrior.

Hawk is the wind, the wind is its breath.

Hawk is the Kachina, the Creator of Life.

Hawk is the life-giving spring rains and it brings also the storms.

Hawk is the power of vision, the great Eagle of the Sun.

Hawk totem animal

Hawks are very powerful spirit animals. They are not only highly intelligent, but they are also fierce and strong. The hawk embodies all of the traits of a strong leader. Hawks aren’t only the totem animal for leaders, but they are also a spirit animal for the brave. All of the same characteristics that make them leaders are the same characteristics that make them a fierce predator. Because the hawk is a fierce predator, they are also considered to be an animal guardian for animals with those attributes.

The hawk is the most powerful among the birds of prey, giving them the qualities of being a shifter between between world and realms. They are understood as a powerful messenger, or as a mild and gentle creature that can make others see more clearly.

The hawk is very magical and powerful animal. When they fly, spectators on the ground can feel the magic and energy from the hawk. In flight the magic is felt and seen. The hawk is known to be a messenger. The magic of the hawk is also one that will help with seeing magic, and seeing things in different perspectives.

Hawk power animal

The hawk is a symbol of power, self-assurance, and determination. With the hawk totem, your certainty in your actions guides you through life.

The hawk can be associated with ambition and the quest for knowledge, as owls are associated with secrets and the dark.

Hawks are respected for their uncanny ability to swoop down upon prey and snatch them up with their claws. They are also known as the bringer of bad news because when they fly overhead people take notice.

Hawks are masters of the sky and are able to silently and discreetly observe everything from traffic to humans to other birds.

People with hawk totems will occasionally need to find a quiet place to sit and observe their surroundings, listening to the vibrations of the Earth, honing their internal senses to know what they need to do.

This totem animal is for the deep thinker, the naturalist, the magician, and the adventurer.

Hawk tattoo meaning

The mighty hawk, king of the birds, prowls through the air with freedom and grace.

While many birds soar through the sky, only the hawk takes matters into his own talons.

The nation’s symbol is a member of a small group of species that soar on the wind.

Hawks are also a strong visual symbol of the North.


Eagles, Hawks and their feathers are very powerful and symbolize many things to a wide range of people. They are very similar in looks and behavior.

The main difference between a hawk and an eagle is that hawks hunt during the day, while Eagles are nocturnal.

Most people have a tendency to mistake an eagle for a hawk, this is because when both are soaring they appear identical. Most people have spent more time around Eagles than hawks, thus these people have a better chance of knowing an eagle when they see one than a hawk.

Since a hawk’s feathers are much smaller than an eagle’s, the chances of seeing one in the wild are much much rarer than an eagle.

Hawks, such as the Red Tail and Swainson, are Osprey birds of prey that are considered medium sized bird of prey. Hawks are striking birds, with a short, thick body covered with soft feathers. They also have rounded heads and large curved beaks that are strong enough to tear open prey.

Hawks primarily eat small mammals and birds. Hawks don’t hunt often, but when they do, they can catch most things that are smaller than they are.

It’s important to note here, that different Hawk species eat different things. Some eat animals while others eat mostly insects.