Horse Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

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Horse symbolism and meaning

Throughout history, horses have carried the spirit of freedom, courage, and adventure. They are intelligent creatures that are believed to have an intuitive internal wisdom that guides them.

Horses are known to be fairly honest and are able to read the intentions of other beings very well. All of these characteristics make horses prime symbols of spiritual exploration, growth, and inspiration.

Horses can be a totem or spirit animal for those who feel they can benefit from connecting with the wandering soul and adventurous nature of the horse. In this case, the horse can remind the individual of his or her own personal spirit, which is very powerful and should never be ignored.

Alternatively, for those who feel the need to carry the energy of the horse within themselves may choose to adopt the horse as a spirit animal guide. These people may feel that they can accomplish more when they use the horse to guide their thoughts and actions.

Horses have been viewed as a symbol of the feminine throughout many different cultures. They are gentle, beautiful, and caring creatures, which is why much of the feminine energy is attributed to them. Because of this, the horse is known to be the embodiment of the earth and fertility in many different legends and myths.

Horse Native American symbolism

Horses, like all animals, each personify a particular quality such as gentleness, love, happiness, bravery, freedom, etc.

Native American tribes, including the Omaha, Blackfoot-Sioux, and Nez Perce, associated a particular quality with each horse color. The Apache saw a horse with a white mane as a messenger who could tell the future.

The Navajo connected the horse with thunder.

Some tribes connected horses to the thunderbirds, sky-dwelling spirit animals. Even today in some tribes, Native Americans may not kill a horse. Native Americans believe that a horse will guide you on your spirit journey after you die. Different tribes chose to use markings, ear-tips and brands on horses to communicate with these spirit horses.

The Crow and the Cheyenne of the Great Plains associated the horse with the deer. In particular, they viewed the white deer, a deer with white fur including the mane and tail, as significant.

Horse Eastern Symbolism

Let’s talk about the horse symbolism and meaning in China. In the East, the horse is considered to be a symbol of luck and intelligence.

The image of a horse signifies that the most appropriate and auspicious time has arrived for the attainment of the object in view.

It is believed that the bright, active and swift movement of the horse denotes the sharp and sure intelligence of the rider who is undertaking only important and urgent affairs.

The horse is also a symbol of protection and safety. It is believed that a horse can ward off evil s to protect others.

The horse symbolizes swiftness and mobility in the West. It also symbolizes the purposeful use of your energy.

The horse often appears to represent a means of escape from a present situation. It represents a direct, fast, effective and successful way of doing things.

In relationship matters, the horse is symbolic of passion and devotion, often representing a couple that is deeply in love.

In career or business matters, the horse is symbolic of moving forward rapidly. It represents a desire to embrace change and innovation.

The horse in dreams is often symbolic of something with strong energy that is making a new appearance in your life, specifically a new relationship.

The horse is also a symbol of romance and of the need to make decisions.

Horse Christianity symbolism

Horses are a symbol of strength and freedom in many cultures around the world. In Christianity, a horse represents grace and God’s power to carry his people.

In the bible, the book of Hosea, God speaks of a rebellious people through the image of a horse.

“I will disown the people gathered around me, for they are like a horse gone wild. They are wayward, though I have trained and stabled them. They will not listen to me.” From Hosea 4-7

It is the opposite meaning seen when Jesus enters Jerusalem on a horse.

“As Jesus entered Jerusalem, the whole city was thrown into an uproar, and the people were asking, “Who is this?” The crowds were saying, “He’s the prophet Jesus from Nazareth in Galilee.” Then Jesus went into the temple courts and drove out all who were buying and selling animals for sacrifice….” From Matthew 21-12-14

We can see that the image of a horse is associated to a freeing force, something that can break a bond.

Horse Celtic symbolism


The horse is associated with the sun, the power of fertility, and the gift of life. Male energy. Passion. Energy. Sensuality. The unconquerable spirit.

A horse often appears when you are waltzing on the brink of an important decision or action. You may even feel like taming your free spirit for a moment, but don’t.

Be assertive and live life to the fullest. Remember that the horse is a symbol of fertility and life energy.

The horse is a comforting animal that will always be there when you need a happy thought.

Horse African symbolism

In Africa, the horse is highly regarded for its endurance, speed and beauty. Its symbolic meaning is closely associated with speed and progress.

Wherever there was movement, the horse was seen to be swift and cunning and therefore had many warrior uses. If a warrior was brave in battle and was successful in protecting the herd, he was seen as a strong, powerful and a great leader.

In some African tribes, the horse was believed to have the ability to predict the future and was therefore used in divination ceremonies.

Despite the importance of the horse, it was regarded as very special with only the elders of the tribe and the chief allowed to ride. This is to ensure that the tribe was kept strong and on the move to find new pasture.

Due to its importance in the life of the African tribes, the horse was respected and treated with great care. It was seen as an extension of the owner. If it died an unnatural death, it was seen as a bad omen for the owner.

This horse symbolism meaning is still alive and well in many parts of Africa today.

Horse in dreams

Spirit animal

The horse is an animal of spirit and is a talisman of strength to its owner.

The horse was an attestation or sign of the sun, and therefore was believed to give power, life and light. It is also a symbol of conquest, audacity and sometimes violence.

The horse is a solar animal. Symbolically, it has a dazzling power of attraction. It is particularly the horse of nights and dreams.

According to Lamaism, the horse is the animal of the night.

In the Odyssey, Homer indicates that dreams took the form of horses.

The fox is the emissary of the night and of night activities, which we can find also in the Bible.

The Pherecydes of Syros says that dreams are the horses of the night.

The horse in the Libyan, poem of the Argonaut of Apollonius is a dream horse that is revealed by Proteus in the form of a night horse.

The disciples of Pythagoras and the Zoroastrians believed that horses that wished to stalk their enemies watched them to see where they lived so that they could rush on them at night.

In mythology, the horse has the gift of prophecy.

Athos praises the horse for its wisdom and vision.

The horse is also a symbol of the sun, of power and of force.

Horse encounters and omens

Reality checks, wake up calls and gut feelings are all symbols of the horse appearing in your life.

The horse may give you a message to trust yourself and to be open to the possibilities.

The horse has come to give you a chance to move forward and to be open to the horse-reality.

This might also be about the importance of having balance in your life and in your dreams.

Horses conjure up feelings of power and freedom.

As a symbol of passion and energy, they cannot be tamed.

Horse encounters are associated with your independence and willfulness.

The horse represents self-reliance and pride.

Horses remind you that life is meant to be an adventure.

So while horses can be a symbol of freedom, they can also manifest as an invitation to let go of old habits and attitudes. When a horse shows up, you may feel this deep urge to break free from something.

As with any animal totem, horses can also represent your psyche. Horses are connected to our ability to listen to our own intuition.

The word horse derives back to the wild ancestors of modern-day horses.

The first horses looked very different from the horses we know today, but they had some very familiar traits: a love of companionship and an alert and aware nature.

Horse mythology and folklore

Horses have been associated with magic, power, and freedom for thousands of years.

In the Greek and Roman myths, the horseshoe was thought to grant good luck and the chariot was symbolic of status and freedom.

Native American culture often venerated the horse and used them for sacrifices and in fights.

Horses symbolize the freedom of expression, strength and beauty.

In general, horses are:

  • For the love of freedom and travel
  • An external symbol of the power of the mind
  • A symbol of bravery and strength
  • A symbol of maintaining a proper balance between action and contemplation
  • For the love of mental freedom
  • A symbol of the self
  • A symbol of the power of the mind
  • A symbol of self-reliance
  • A totem

For the love of initiation, development, and knowledge People who have a totem horse:

  • Acknowledge that knowledge is power and practice self-reliance
  • Will often struggle with indecision, change, and inner conflict
  • May struggle with their physical health and have emotional issues
  • Are oversensitive and often lack self-confidence
  • Are fiercely independent; outsiders to the establishment; and rebels of status quo
  • May suffer tremendously from an identity crisis
  • Often love to travel and others may perceive them as restless

Horse spirit animal

Horse is one of the oldest spirit animals including the cultures that date back to the time of cave drawings. Meaning of a spirit animal also varies from culture to culture.

For instance, the Greeks associated the horse with bravery, while the Europeans linked a horse spirit with love, passion, and emotion.

According to old Norse beliefs, a horse symbolizes the power of the wind.

In modern Western culture, horse represents loyalty, speed, and strength. If you’re wondering what’s that about, take a look at some of the strongest, most loyal animal species, the horse!

As a dream symbol, a horse represents a steady progression toward a goal.

For instance, you will achieve your goals one step at a time the way a horse trots!

Horse spirit may represent speed, power, and the dynamics of forward motion. It may also symbolize bravery, freedom, and independence.

Horse also is a symbol of physical and spiritual power. While horse is a powerful spirit, you’ll need to harness it, because if you don’t, it will run wild and can cause serious damage.

If you’re struggling with your personal power, look at how you can integrate horse energy into your daily life.

Horse totem animal

The horse represents leadership, control, freedom and power. In the animal symbolism , the horse symbolizes vitality, mobility and the ability to cover ground quickly.

A horse is related to a spirited personality. Those with a horse totem tend to be connected to the spirit of the horse. The horse symbolizes faith and hope.

The horse totem is associated with movement and travel. Horses are spirited animals which enable them to scurry away. This is why the horse is associated with those who are able to move and travel quickly.

The horse symbol is a reminder of a good friend. The horse is a friendly animal that is willing to lend a helping hand. People with the horse totem are always willing to lend a helping will to aid in times of need.

The horse represents a destined journey. People with the horse totem are destined to leave their mark on the world.

There are those who are fast movers who are driven to get things accomplished in their day to day jobs. These people are passionate and tend to work faster than any other type of personality.

The horse symbolizes the need to know one’s true path and to focus on what’s in front of you. Those with the horse totem have a tendency to jump from one place to another.

Horse power animal

Horse symbolizes speed, power, freedom and endurance. In many cultures “the horse” stands for courage, spirituality, energy, faith and freedom of movement.

Although it is not a dog or cat, this is probably the most popular animal totems for people who have no particular connection to horses and no personal experiences with horseback riding.

If you are that kind of person, the horse mythologies and folklore mythology may not mean much to you. However, if this animal iconic meaning has any effect on you, this loyal and strong best friend of humans may also serve as a totem for you.

Horses are often used in stories and myths to symbolize human willpower and strength.

Having a connection with horses may include some disadvantage though. If you are a horse spirit, you may be prone to too much pride and lack self-control, which may lead to problems in relationships.

The good thing is with such a loyal animal at your side, problems with human relations are a thing of the past. Horses are said to connect the human soul to the divine and all that is magical in the universe.

This ancient shape-shifter is said to travel between the spiritual and living world.

If you find horses symbolism coming true for you, it may be a good idea for you to deepen your connection with this wonderful animal and the spiritual wisdom it can provide.

Horse tattoo meaning

Horses are not only powerful creatures but also represent intelligence, freedom, determination, agility and even courage.

In mythology as well as in fairy tales, they are considered a link between the earthly and the spiritual world.

If you ever come across a horse in your dream, consider yourself lucky. You will have a full life and be really happy. If you pay attention to your feelings while dreaming about a horse, you will recognize its positive message.

A black stallion in your dream symbolizes strength and everlasting speed. A white horse stands for innocence and purity. A mother horse has a strong symbolic meaning and portrays fertility as well as fertility, kindness and loyalty. She is a feminine symbol of love. A wild horse symbolizes the wild, untamed nature within you. A different colored horse in your dream symbolizes the various aspects of your personality. Notice the color and discuss it with yourself. You might learn a lot about yourself.

A horse standing near mountains, on the beach, or on the banks of a river symbolizes movement at a fast and powerful pace. A horse that’s jumping through hoops or over obstacles symbolizes your ability to surmount all obstacles on your way.


Removing a horse from its natural environment for long-term domestication may have an adverse effect on the horse's physical and psychological health.