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Moth symbolism and meaning

The symbolism and meaning of the Moth is reflected by its common totem use as an Omen of Death. An omen of natural decay, from the structure of the body of the Moth to the life cycle.

Wise to the ways of decay, the Moth is the portent of the worm that refuses to bury itself in the earth. The moths enter houses when crops and trees have withered.

During the six months of the insect's life-cycle, their form undergoes several changes, first of which is the Pupae, followed by the pupa, then the chrysalis and then the moth.

This cycle of decay or "putrefaction" is reflected in the death of a loved one, a death which is followed by mourning. Symbolizing the fact that we must all decay and rot in the end.

A Moth would not be seen in a positive light if it were to enter into your home. It is an omen of Death and you need to take steps to protect yourself from facing Death and should find the ways to prevent it.

A Moth in your house is a scary thing that brings many questions, tend to think that the Moth is going to hatch and then kill you. But it's not like that, the Moth is only a symbol.

Moth Native American symbolism

The Moth is a natural diclonius mutant born with an extrasensory gift of telepathy. She is an assassin of the X-Men in the Marvel Universe.

Thirty-two years old is old for a mutant. For a mutant in the employ of the X-Men, that’s downright ancient. Given this, her continued presence among their mutants is not surprising. The moth flies on the wind, and it is this quality that may give her her most prominent power: her telepathy.

Moths are creatures of the night, and the moth’s power stems from communion with the dark side. She has the ability to use the dark spaces in the minds of the weak, striking and killing her victims without reason or concern. She does not actually read minds; the frailest thought can survive in darkness, and her telepathy finds those thoughts, whether they are good or wicked.

Moth has the ability to transform into a giant, black moth, which in turn has the ability to fly at higher speeds than would normally be considered possible for a normal moth.

Moth Christianity symbolism

In Christianity, Moth is a symbol of redemption and resurrection. In the Christian sense, this insect represents the soul that was freed from sin and returned to its eternal home.

The moth is connected to the crucifixion of Jesus as well, since it died with the other insect souls that were illuminated in the light of Christ while on the Crosses.

According to the Christian faith, Moths are the souls of those who got sacrificed for the sake of righteousness and mercy. It is the person who wants to suffer to help others in their cause.

There is also a Christian legend that this insect was transformed into a red-colored butterfly.

Because Moths symbolizes resurrection, it is believed to be a sign of rebirth, as the moth appears after the winter season. It can stand for pleasures and passions, too, as it is said that the moth is attracted by the flame, just as people are by temptations and sins.

In Christianity, this insect is also a symbol of the soul and immortality. The moth has a heavenly side, as well, being linked to the archangel Gabriel. This could be because in Christianity, Gabriel is believed to guide the souls of the deceased back to the kingdom of God, the same way the moth leads the dead to the underworld.

Moth Celtic symbolism

Here are the meanings of moth in Celtic symbolism.

Moth has been associated with the death of the soul of the dead in a number of ancient civilizations. The ancient Celtic tribes believed that death souls took the forms of moths.

When counting their dead on a battlefield, the Celts would shake the body of the deceased to see if a moth would fly out of their mouth.

If a moth flew out, the revealed that the spirit of the dead person was no longer in his body. It meant that the spirit of the dead person had flown off.

In a number of cultures, the moth symbolizes a person’s gradual metamorphosis into the spiritual realm. In the Celtic tradition, it is also a symbol of punishment for a soul’s sins in the previous life.

Because of this, the moth is also associated with prophecy and the mysteries of the afterlife. This is where moth spirit animals come in. They are often used for soul recovery and protection.

Moth in dreams

The moth symbolizes mysteries that are not easy to solve or understand.

Moths are creatures that conceal themselves among the gloom. Because of that, they have a close link to the occult, the unknown. They also have a connection to gas and the volatile nature.

In a dream, the moth could be a symbol for a hidden energy inside you that you need to bring to light.

Dream of a common house moth could mean a dark and gray period in your life. You may be feeling dark energy around you that is clouding your way.

Sometimes dreaming of a moth could symbolize a period in your life when you wanted to engage in a new activity, but something got in the way and stopped you from following through with it.

In this case, you would feel frustrated and simply put off. Dreaming of a moth on the other hand may also mean that something new is entering in your life, which will open many new opportunities.

Dream of a moth that is chasing you and trying to attack you could mean you have financial problems that are becoming worse. See also spider, ant, and butterfly in dreams.

Moth encounters and omens

Moth symbols embody different meanings: transformation, secrecy, intuition, rebirth and the cosmic cycles.

The caterpillar of the moth, which we see commonly in youth, maintains the appearance of the caterpillar but transforms into a beautiful butterfly.

Moth symbolism is also associated with change. Some cultures perceive moths as the spirits of the dead. In modern times, the moth continues to capture our imagination through stories and movies.

Being one of the largest experimenters in the animal kingdom, the moth also acts as a symbol of intuition and the intuition.

Moths Are Also Common Omens for Death in Various Cultures

In contrast, the moth is also associated with positive messages. Some cultures believe it to invite good fortune and prosperity to the house that it is found.

Folklore can also tell you moth stories that describe the moth as a messenger between the world of the dead and the world of the living. In fact, seeing a white moth at a funeral is a sign that the deceased person finds peace in the afterlife.

Feel free to use your moth encounters and omens to help you with interpreting the messages that come from the animal kingdom.

Pay attention to the characteristics of the moth, such as the size and the environment in which you see or find it.

And try to learn more about the species of moth you encounter, as there are many beautiful and odd-looking ones.

Moth mythology and folklore

In Greek legend, they are a sign from the god Apollo, who told them to seek a sign to indicate the location of his temple. When they reportedly found a large dead moth in a basket and brought it to their king, Amphiaraus, he told them to look for a lighted lamp in the temple, which the priests told them represented the light of truth. Thus, the people of Argos discovered the site of the temple. [8]

In Greece, the moth is viewed as a sign of death. [15]

In Greek mythology, the mother of Icarus , Daidal, weaved an eternal garment for the god Hephaestus. Desiring to test the garments durability, the god asked his wife to walk nine times around the Castle of Sounis, and, though she later fell in love with the king of Crete, never did its thread wear thin. When Icarus spread his wings to chase the sun, thought by his father to be an attempt to make himself a robe to outshine his mother, he flew too close to the sun, causing the wings made from his father's wax to melt. The story of Daidal appears, among other places, in Cicero's De Natura Deorum.

Moth spirit animal

Moth totem seen as a messenger from the spiritual realm bringing forewarning of the next event to your life.

The appearance of moths indicates that it’s time to release, let go of, cut the cord and move on. Don’t let it hold you back. Release yourself from the past.

The moth symbol is a manifestation of your soul which comes to you in dreams, songs or shapes to give you a message. It’s a gift from the spirit world and a special blessing from the Universe.

Be grateful and thank your higher self.

The moth signifies the caterpillar stage of your spiritual journey and its transformation into a butterfly. Once you start to rise out of the cocoon of the mundane, the moth symbol guides you and helps you to find your wings.

Once you’ve decided that you want to move on to the next level of your spiritual growth, the moth shows you the path and paves the way, or creates the opportunity for you to upgrade your life.

There is a great moth quote by Rumi that I truly resonate with. “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.”

Moth totem animal

The moth has a strong connection with the spirit world. Moths gather human souls in the night, caterpillars incorporate the souls of plants and animals and the butterfly represents the individual soul after the cycle of reincarnation.

Moth also has the power to reveal the truth of a specific situation and its solution.

Moth can teach you how to disclose what is hidden to the public eyes, and uncovers things that are hard to be seen by others. Learn to look closer to the details to see the truth in every things you encounter.

It is the reward of your observation and the action taken, which will provide enlightenment of the magnificence in life.

Moth is associated with Ulysses, the famous explorer, and the first man to sail across the Atlantic Ocean alone. Learn to explore the world with your heart and mind.

Moth is also the symbol of family reunion and the constancy and integrity of the love that binds families together. Moth can also induce the spirit of forgiveness, understanding, and compassion.

If you dream of a moth, it means that your sensitivity is heightened and you are in a close relationship with the earth. Your dream symbolizes growth, transformation of your soul, and the spiritual elevation.

Moth power animal

There is an air of mystery about moths, just as there is also an air of mystery about their habitat. There seems to be little in their physical presence that would seem to be the stuff legends are made of except for one thing. Butterflies come and go in the blink of an eye, but moths do not. It is as though they are creatures of the night, and that alone seems to lend them an air of intrigue and otherworldliness.

Moths, much like the butterfly, represent transformation, metamorphosis and change. If you have metamorphosis to undergo, the moth is one power animal spirit that can lead the way. Perhaps you are feeling stuck or need some help making a change for the better in your life. Moths are the animals of transformation. You can count on the moth guide to help you, perhaps to change into a better version of yourself.

A moth totem represents the ability to become the mask you never knew you wore. It also signifies the ability to take on the persona of that mask. Moths are the animals of transformation, and it is the ability to change your outer mask to suit your needs that they represent. Moths are very symbolic of magic and spirituality. Make a moth totem a part of your life and see the magic sure to transform your life.

Moth tattoo meaning

Just as the butterfly, the moth is a very popular tattoo motif.

In tribal cultures it was used as an emblem of transformation, meaning “the butterfly,” symbolizing the soul’s journey from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

In the art world, the moth featured extensively in the tapestries of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, commonly symbolizing death and rebirth, as well as vanity and the soul’s struggle to overcome it.

In ancient Greece and Rome, the moth represented the flighty mind of Venus, with the Romans using the word “morion” to describe the wayward and sex-dominated mindset of women.

Later, during the Victorian era, the moth took on a much more ominous role, standing as a symbol of forbidden sexual desire.


Moths can appear with a variety of different meanings. They sometimes carry important messages from the spirit world.

Whichever meaning it has in your life, remember that moths are a wonderful creature that can bring lots of beauty and meaningful lessons into our everyday life.

If you wish to attract and keep the great messenger moths in your life, you can start by making a habitat for them. Keeping a few potted plants around the house, rather than keeping your house bright and cold, will help them feel more welcome. A mealworm potted garden is excellent for this.

Another way to attract them is to set up a more subtle light source. Moths love candlelight, so setting up candle holders with tealights can give them a more welcoming environment.

Butterflies are docile creatures and do no harm to man. They are beautiful to look at and very interesting.

Their patterns are unique and colors vibrant. Butterfly watching is a hobby that is growing in popularity very fast.

Butterflies are a sign of new beginnings and promise something very special in your near future, which will bring you a very positive change in your life.

Butterflies also tell you that you are light-hearted, carefree and fun. They are a great symbol of wealth and abundance, prosperity and abundance.

Butterflies in dreams also indicate a more positive approach towards your faith and belief.