10 Parrot Treats to Make Your Birds Happy (2020)

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Every parrot has their own unique, individual personality. We recommend using these recommended treats as an assorted reward. You could mix and match three or more treats for the ultimate reward.

Avoid rewarding the same behavior with the same treat again and again to avoid contributing to food aggression. Treats are most effective when you reward them in very small quantities, such as a pinch or crumb.

Parrot treats

All birds love food! Let’s face it, when not out looking for food, birds’ brains are constantly focused on the next meal. But that’s just to stay alive, plus there are some yummy ways to eat your food too. Read on for fun and easy parrot treats that will give you a reprieve from the seemingly endless supply of seed and so many ways to make them!

What parrots love about treats is not necessarily that they contain hidden nutrients that are bad for them, but rather that they taste good! If your bird does not have a big beak or grit, a juicy treat is probably a better option.

Kaytee Natural Spray Millet Bird Treats

Kaytee Natural Spray Millet Bird Treats (36-oz.) is a great parrot treats for you to serve your birds.

These spray millet treats by Kaytee are simple to serve because you only need to shake the bottle and spray. That’s all!

To people, millet is mostly served in the form of seed. However, there is more to millet than being just a whole seed.

Millet is a seed like cereal which with heating, becomes puff-like texture, hence it’s also commonly called puffed millet. In addition to its amusing name, it’s also known to be a powerhouse of nutrients for many plant-eating livestock.

Since it’s avian, there is no way not to imagine your parrot enjoying the yummy scent of this bird treat. However, parrots aren’t the only birds that will treat you to a yummy millet snack because millet is also widely feed to quail, pheasant, geese, duck, turkey, and hens.

It’s important to choose millet that is fresh and crisp, so look for one that is old and dull.

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Oat Groats Bird Treats

Crunchy Oat Groats are fortified with vitamins, minerals and stabilized vitamin C to provide nutrition for your bird while providing your bird a fun way to chew.

Forti-diet is fortified with vitamins, minerals and stabilized vitamin C to help provide nutrition for your bird while providing your bird a fun way to chew. Forti-diet is fortified with vitamins, minerals and stabilized vitamin C to help provide nutrition for your bird while providing your bird a fun way to chew. Forti-diet is fortified with vitamins, minerals and stabilized vitamin C to help provide nutrition for your bird while providing your bird a fun way to chew.

Vitakraft Super Fruit Cocktail Parrot & Cockatiel Treats

Super Fruit Cocktail Parrot Treats is a colorful and tasty parrot treat. The colorful pieces will attract your parrot’s attention and the tasty flavor will keep them coming back for more! Vitakraft Super Fruit Cocktail Parrot Treats will keep the parrot active and help to keep its beak trimmed and the nails short.

Super Fruit Cocktail Parrot Treats are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals without any sweeteners or additives. The formula in this parrot treat is carefully developed to meet the specific nutrition needs of parrot species.

The seeds will also help to keep their digestive system healthy and will aid in the removal of any unwanted matter.

Kaytee Fiesta Blueberry Yogurt Dipped Sunflower Seeds Bird Treats

This type of treat for parrots is the favorite of many parrots, especially for ringnecks and sugar birds. Having a taste that of yogurt and blueberry, your parrot will surely love its taste. What makes this treat even more exceptional is its convenience of being easily consumable.

The special feature of this treat is its long lasting freshness. This treat has a shelf life of five to six months and can be frozen for one year. With its high selling rate and amazing features, this treat is definitely one of the best treats you can offer to your parrot.

National Geographic Premium Nutty Buddy Bird Treat

This treat is jam packed with nuts and other fruits. It consists of Brazil nuts, Japanese peanuts, almonds, cashew nuts, and other fruits. This treat not only provides your parrot a desireable taste but also nutritious benefits that come from the nuts commonly used by many birds.

The bonus of this treat is that it does not have a long shelf life. It has a short shelf life and is used only for treats for parrot. Having a short shelf life makes it essential to consume or cook it for your parrot.

Kaytee Fiesta Fruit Crispy Apple Treat

Brown's Tropical Carnival Crunchy Crisp Sticks Bird Treats

Made of coconut, peanut and corn, these little sticks are the ultimate tropical treat! They make great foraging treats for your bird, will keep them busy for hours and will keep the Vet away too!

Coconut, Peanut and Corn.

Good Source of Vitamin E

12 oz.

Kaytee Fiesta Mango Yogurt Dipped Papaya Bird Treats

Kaytee Fiesta Pop-A-Rounds Pineapple Bird Food

Kaytee Fiesta Pop-A-Rounds Pineapple delivers a mouth-watering appetizer of pineapple tidbits your bird loves. It’s a healthy addition to its diet that helps encourage healthy beak and nails.

This parrot treat is made from corn and vegetable ingredients for a healthy treat your bird will love. The added kelp meal helps ensure that your bird gets the right amount of vitamins and minerals.

The bite-size bits are a perfect size for your bird to enjoy. You can feed it as a treat or use it as a part of its daily diet.

This apple treat is made from dried apples and dehydrated apple concentrates, along with vitamin-rich vegetables.

As with all other parrot treats, this one is also made from 100% natural and healthy ingredients. It’s easy to eat and adds flavor to your bird’s diet.

Apart from being healthy and fun to eat, the rice bits are also fortified with vitamins and minerals your bird needs. They don’t have any artificial flavors or preservatives.

Made with 100% vitamin-rich vegetables, this parrot treat oozes a sweet aroma and is packed with nutrition that your bird needs.

The bite-sized pieces are ideal for smaller birds like parakeets and canaries.

Niteangel Apple Small Animal & Bird Chew Sticks

Niteangel Apple Small Animal & Bird Chew Sticks is for small animals and birds. The sticks are made of chewable wood. They are hollow and safe for most small animals and birds. Niteangel Fruit Treat Sticks are very popular due to a good smell and a delicious taste.

The sticks are produced under optimal conditions and are safe for all kinds of animals. You can use them as a treat or as a chew toy for your pet bird, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster or other small animals.

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Parrot Biscuit Bird Treats

As the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of premium pet food and treats, Kaytee products have been trusted by pet owners and their pets for decades.

Product Features:

Brown's Tropical Carnival Natural Orange Slices Bird Treats

These are delicious! Large slices of orange that you can feed to your pet parrot. If you are looking for a healthy treat for your birds, the first thing that comes to mind is some fruit.

The problem with fruit is, it is super acidic. Which is why oranges and other fruits can contribute to a pet`s shell and beak deterioration, called Dutch Elm Eration disease.

For that reason, most parrot treats that you can find in the pet store are considered junk food. Most parrot owners are worried that their birds are becoming obese, but the truth is that most pet parrots don’t receive enough nutrition, and some have reported that their parrots don’t even eat their daily food ration.

And the worst part is that birds that don’t get enough nutrition are more prone to develop other diseases.

So these natural orange slices are a healthy treat made right for your birds. This is a self-giving snack, your bird won’t need your help eating them, and they are made in such a way to make them shred resistant.

But if you want your pet parrot to eat its daily food ration, then you should combine these orange slices with bird pellets and paper-based treats that contain seeds and oils.