Raven Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

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Raven symbolism and meaning

It is a well-known fact that ravens and corvids also symbolized by Crow and Rook. These symbols carry a legacy of metaphysical, philosophical, and religious traditions in many cultures.

Some of the most common knowledge about ravens was passed down by Native Americans. Raven is the creator out of darkness, being the God of light generation.

In some Native American tribes, Raven is called the question that constantly needs to be answered for what it really is. This is known as the Raven question.

Ravens are considered a spirit animal in shamanism. When a Raven is present it usually indicates a message for the tribe. Raven is a symbol of power.

In the Northwest Amerindian traditions and myths, Raven is the mythological creator of world and of all animals. He was also called Trickster because he lies and uses his powers for his pranks.

The Crow always symbolized the keeper of the dead and on the other side, the guardian of death.

The folklore of the Northwest Amerindian says that the Crow was created by Raven to take care of order when he created the world.

They are little spirits, which are always as a sign of death.

Ravens are usually strongly associated with wisdom, spiritual forces, and the Otherworld.

Raven is the guardian of the gates to the Lower World where the souls of the dead descend.

Raven Native American symbolism

The Raven is a symbol of great importance to the Native American culture, especially the Athabaskan culture who call him ´Spirit of the wind.´ For the Athabaskan culture, Raven represents the embodiment of those who went before. He is responsible for carrying the messages from the ones who have gone before to the ones who are living.

Raven is also the most important animal in Athabaskan stories and the one who has influenced the life of the Athabaskan culture the most. Many stories are dedicated to Raven and in these stories he is usually either an actor or a key element. Aside from the Athabaskan culture, Raven is very important in many other Native American traditions.

But the Raven’s story is quite confusing and erratic even today for many scholars. The reason for this has been given as being that Raven’s story is being told by Raven himself for a very simple reason “ he is the Creator.

His storytelling has been explained as being that he chooses not to reveal his identity but to tell his stories without revealing himself. This also makes it hard to find a central element or origin for the Raven’s stories and one source can be contradicted by the next.

Raven Christianity symbolism

In Christian religion, the raven is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, the second person of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit bears witness to God the Father and the Son in the form of the dove at the baptism of Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit drafted the Holy Law of the Christian religion and inspired the Old Testament.

The Holy Spirit represents the guidance of the human conscience toward the Divine in the sense that, in the Christian religion, the Spirit guides the faithful into moral and theological truth. Sometimes the manifestation and unfolding of the Spirit is considered the inspiration of prophets, artists, and mystics. The Holy Spirit also conveys God’s grace to believers in the sense that, in the Christian religion, grace is God’s unmerited and generous favor and acceptance of us based on the merits of Jesus Christ. In other mythologies, for example in the Egyptian mythology, the raven symbolizes the Goddess Isis in the form of a grey-colored bird.

Raven Celtic symbolism

Ravens are found in all of the mythologies and spiritual traditions of the world. That’s why I found it interesting to find that Celtic mythology also has an association with ravens.

The Celts honored ravens by building special sanctuaries to feed and protect them. In fact, the word crainn, believed to be the name of the Irish god of war, spiraling and alternating designs, and the number 3 can be translated as a raven.

Many Celts had raven tattoos, especially warriors who believed that the tattoo would protect them in battle. As was mentioned earlier, ravens were also kept as pets by various Celtic clans and families.

In Celtic mythology, the raven was associated with the god Odin. Wiccans and other pagans have also adopted the raven for their spirituality, i.e. they have adopted the bird for tarot readings and other pagan ceremonies.

Since it is associated with divination and prophecy, the raven is a popular omen form the Norse mythology in the Ravens love company and enjoy spending time with other ravens; fifteen birds is said to be the ideal number for a group.

They enjoy their time and will even sleep in a pile of one another. Ravens are famous for their intelligence, and can therefore be trained and even licensed, to help farmers by keeping an eye out for predators or to collect grain for the farmers in exchange for food.

Raven in dreams

In ancient times, ravens were considered messengers of the gods. It was believed that ravens could fly past the boundaries of the worlds. In fact, many ancient civilizations also associated the raven with the sun.

In Celtic, Raven is often associated with the fairies and spirits.

In Germanic folklore, raven brings the souls of the dead to the underworld. In Germanic areas, ravens are said to guide the souls of the ancestors. However, in Scotland and Ireland, it is said that ravens are sent to accompany and protect the souls of the ancestors.

Raven encounters and omens

Raven mythology and folklore

The Raven was a part of the folklore of tribes all over the world. In many Native American tribes, the Raven was an extremely important spiritual symbol. It brought light to the world by creating the first sun. It was thought to carry the souls of the dead to the afterlife and, according to some stories, could cause lightning and rain.

The stories of the Native Americans were very closely representative of the bird. It was seen as cunning, wise, and a trickster. The Raven could be a bit of a pain in the butt, too. It was a puzzle solver and a prankster. Many creation stories portray the Raven as a trickster. Many heroes would have trouble subduing the Raven before they could receive the magical gifts needed to complete their quest.

The Raven’s pranks were not always fun, though. They could cause trouble, too. They would play jokes and “kidnap” children from villages. There was also another story that said the Raven stole light from the moon to give it to the sun. They were seen as a giver and taker of light.

Raven spirit animal

Characteristics and symbolism.

If you didn’t already know, raven spirit animal is considered a very large and powerful totem.

In Native American tradition, Raven by itself is a trickster and a guide for those who search for knowledge and enlightenment.

To see raven flying in the skies usually symbolizes a message about a coming change in your life.

In the spiritual animal world, Raven spirit animal is talking to you about moving out of the comfort zone.

The message is to let go of the past, your family ties and familiar people.

Raven spirit animal is urging you to explore the deeper unknown mysteries.

Above all, Raven spirit animal symbolizes cleansing and rebirth.

When Raven appears to you, in dreams and in reality, it is a sign that you need to go through necessary changes.

Raven can be your enemy and your friend.

All your resentments will be released and you will no longer be tied to the past.

Whatever you do, Raven spirit animal asks you to be brave, be confident, and be cunning.

Raven totem animal

There is a great amount of symbolism in the raven totem animal meaning But, what exactly does it mean if you have Raven totem? Reading the raven totem animal meaning can bring great insight into your identity, calling, life and destiny.

The raven is a nocturnal bird of prey that belongs to the genus Corvus. They can be found throughout the temperate and Arctic regions of the world.

There are different species, all of which are widespread with about fifty known species according to most recent scientific data.

They can vary in size, native terrain, appearance, and color. Many of the species are listed as threatened or endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

In some countries, the raven is regarded as a Bird of Prey. Druids and some pagan religious adherants use the raven as a symbol of a life force.

The raven totem symbolism is quite similar to that of the crow totem. However, the raven is a bit more serious, more mystical and more complex. They are both highly psychically attuned birds that possess an innate intelligence, self-awareness and intuition.

The raven stands for magic, intuition or consciousness and wisdom, secrets, mystery, the heavens, the night and death.

Raven power animal

Raven tattoo meaning

Throughout time the Raven has been seen as a symbol of the mysteries of life. The Inuit Ravens are used as a messenger between the living and the next world.

It’s a sacred creature and in several cultures is seen as a protector, a bringer of joy, a symbol of creation and in the West is a symbol of death. Not bad for a bird you would consider quite ugly.

Wildlife tattoo designs are always beautiful and meaningful. A Raven tattoo could be a good option for someone who wants to represent the meaning of freedom and change.

A lot of birds are used in tattoo designs but there aren’t many like the Raven.

And here’s one good reason why, besides the fact that it just looks old school, it’s one of those few birds that has a beak that you can actually make a tattoo of.

Ravens don’t usually perch at your feeder, but they are inhabitants of most forests, where it’s common for them to encounter people, whether one is hiking or traveling on a road.

Most people would see the huge black birds as stupid, dirty creatures but if you get to know them you will learn that they’re as intelligent as humans can even be and they’ll be a lot more than an eyesore.


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