12 SD Card Viewers That Actually Work (2022)

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If you are like me, I know you have a lot of things on your computer. That can make for a lot of pictures, videos, music and other media files.

What happens when you want to show those pictures or videos to friends or family members? If you are like me, you either pass out USB flash drive or take the hard drive out of your computer.

That takes time and effort and also requires another device to view your files. That is why I love SD card readers and viewers. They make it simple and easy to view your files with just a click of a button.

There are a lot out there and a lot are garbage. We took the time to compare and review the best SD card viewers of 2019. It was a tough task and only a few made the cut.

Below find out the best SD card viewers of 2019.

HME SD Card Reader/ViewerBest OverallHME SD Card Reader/Viewer
FA-STAR SD TF Card Reader CompatibleBudget PickFA-STAR SD TF Card Reader Compatible
SD Card ReaderUpgrade PickSD Card Reader

1. HME SD Card Reader/Viewer

Our rating: 9 / 10

HME SD Card Reader/Viewer

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  • Very Affordable
  • Available on Amazon Prime
  • Available in Micro SD to SD Card size options
  • SD and MicroSD card reader
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • SD and MicroSD card reader
  • Works as intended


  • One said it was unable to read one out of 50 cards
  • One complained that the product arrived with a crack
  • Complaints that it does not work with an iPhone

This little piece of gadgetry is a great little option for viewing photos, viewing documents, and even watching videos from your SD card or MicroSD card.

This SD card reader has an LCD screen that flips open and remains sturdy for viewing. It’s lightweight and portable so you can take it around and view your files from anywhere. Whether it’s connected to your laptop, desktop, or portable gaming system, this little gadget gives you the ability to plug in the card you need to view and to view it either on a TV screen, an iPad or a TV for the ultimate entertainment experience.

It clips right onto the edge of any device that can connect to a USB cord. It’s available in 2 sizes, one for SD cards and one for MicroSD cards.

2. SD Card Reader

Our rating: 8 / 10

SD Card Reader

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  • A wide price range
  • Rugged and lightweight design makes it great for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors
  • Lightweight and durable due to its aluminum frame
  • Excellent customer support


  • They clamp down hard on the device
  • Camera could be better

– SportDevil Black Armor Edition

Trying to review any high definition recording on your traditional computer can be a bit of a frustrating and cumbersome task. There's always hiccups, errors, and choppy video playback, but not with this card reader.

Any time you plug your SD card into your USB drive, the device appears on your phone like a USB drive or an external hard drive would. You can then browse the videos or photos, and they will load just like they do on your computer for quicker and easier review.

3. FA-STAR SD TF Card Reader Compatible

Our rating: 7 / 10

FA-STAR SD TF Card Reader Compatible

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  • No extra batteries needed
  • Come in a variety of colors
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Easy to use
  • Low cost

Minimalism is the calling card of these tiny SD card viewers. Available in 8 colors, they are so small you won’t even notice they are attached to your camera.

When you need your pictures, simply plug in the USB cable and you’re ready to go. Some models will display the contents of a card on any Windows loaded computer. Don’t worry about how technical the setting are, they are very easy to use.

The streamlined and streamlined design makes it so you likely won’t even notice there is something attached to your camera. It’s one of the thinnest SD card viewer out there, so it’s always a good choice if you’re looking for a device that won’t take away from the look of your camera.

4. Trail Camera Viewer SD Card Reader

Our rating: 7 / 10

Trail Camera Viewer SD Card Reader

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  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Works great

Our first pick for best card SD card viewer has to be the Trail Camera Viewer SD Card Reader. There is nothing more disappointing it your SD card full of great images and videos from your trail cam and you can’t remember which game camera the photos are from.

The Trail Camera Viewer SD Card Reader has a camouflage finish which means it will not stand out or look odd if you slip it into a pack or vest.

It takes both the SD and the micro SD card making it suitable for both full size and trail camera owners.

5. Lowdown Easy Trail Camera Image and Video Viewer

Our rating: 5 / 10

Lowdown Easy Trail Camera Image and Video Viewer

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best SD card viewer?

Upgrading your digital camera, cell phone or your MP3 player to a higher resolution camera is not really a big deal anymore. But then, you still need to transfer all your pictures and videos to your computer, so what SD card viewer should you pick?

Having that option to view pictures and videos on your computer saved me a lot of time and maybe even saved money on SD card readers. Instead of buying the bigger SD card and transfer the data directly to my computer each time, I travel with a smaller SD card and use my phone.

This way I am always able to see what is on the SD card and I can delete files I don’t want. I also make sure that I don’t see any old files on the new SD card which somehow ended up in my SD card adapter. I can even play those videos as it is a great way to keep a small movie collection with me.

What is the best SD card for a trail camera?

The choice of SD card is very important for your trail cam because it dictates the performance and capabilities of your cam. Many of us would like our trail cams to take longer videos, have better night vision, and to be wireless so we can see our animals captured on camera from our phones.

The problem is that these features and others require SD cards with a lot of storage space or at least a high write speed. So the question becomes, how do you know what the best SD card is for your trail cam? We would definitely recommend the top rated SanDisk Ultra. It’s fast, reliable, and affordable.

What is the best game camera card reader?

Now you’re going to start seeing 12 SD card readers for your game camera. Keep in mind that they are all going to read regular SD cards, but not all SD cards are compatible with game cameras. Check the ratings of your SD card before buying one of these readers.

If you’re buying a multi-card reader, you may need to buy a few SD cards to go with it. Not every multi-card reader comes with its own memory. This would be the case if you were buying a cloud storage reader.

Your SD card is going to need to have high storage in comparison with the size of your photos and videos. Game cameras work best with at least 16 GB storage and 2 GB storage. More storage isn’t always necessary since it just means that you will need more SD cards to make sure you don’t run out of room on the camera.

How do I view what's on my SD card?

If you already have an SD card, but don't know how to view the contents of it, just pop your card into this handy dandy little tool, plug it into your computer, and boom, you're ready to view all your photos. One end even swivels around to serve as a stand for your phone or tablet. Bonus – it won't hurt your computer or phone since the USB is a 2.0.


While buying an SD card reader can be a really frustrating experience, if you dig a little deeper on the web and find the products that are suitable for your needs, you can actually find some pretty decent SD card readers.

Once you get these, you should be good to go and can forget about dealing with the many other terrible cards you find.

Our top 12 SD card readers of 2022 all come from reputable brands… and they also have a lot of other great features that make them stand out from the pack.

There are some USB card readers on the market that are affordable, and also very reliable. With these, you can easily transfer files between your devices.

Our Recommendation

HME SD Card Reader/ViewerBest OverallHME SD Card Reader/Viewer
FA-STAR SD TF Card Reader CompatibleBudget PickFA-STAR SD TF Card Reader Compatible
SD Card ReaderUpgrade PickSD Card Reader