12 Simple Tips to Attract Birds to Your Bird Bath (2022)

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Tempt with moving water

One way to attract birds to a birdbath is to make sure the water is moving and harder to come by. This also helps prevent algae growth. Change the water once a week, adding water conditioner to keep the water clear. Consider throwing in a few ice cubes to create more movement.

Create a private 'hot tub'

Place a piece of old woolen blanket, towel, or wool on the birdbath. That small area will be perfect for birds to rest comfortably while they preen away.

Hang a Suet Feeder near the Birdbath

Suet is a great source of fat for birds and will help attract more birds to your birdbath. Hang the suet feeder right near the birdbath and it will be the perfect place for birds to be fed.

The right location is the key

To attracting birds to your birdbath. A birdbath location in close proximity to trees and shrubs attracts birds which perch in those areas. Be sure the location is far enough from the house so that the birds feel safe and at home. Plant flowers and shrubs nearby your birdbath to attract various species of birds. Some birds such as robins prefer woody plants such as ivy, raspberries, and sweet peas.

Choose the right material

Attracting birds shouldn’t be hard or really expensive. The number one thing to consider when choosing your bird bath is to choose a material compatible with the kind of climate in your area.

If you live in a snowy region, your best option will be to go for a ceramic or stone bird bath because they will resist the winter’s cold much better than plastic or metal ones.

If you live in a humid area, the best option is to choose a bird bath made of concrete or ceramic. If you live in a temperate area or you enjoy placing your bird bath in a variety of locations, you can go for a metal bird bath.

Another thing to consider when choosing your bird bath is the size. Keep in mind that the bigger your bird bath is, the more welcoming the water will be for your precious feathered visitors.

Encourage perching

Birds First, let’s talk about bird baths.

When it comes to attracting birds to your bird bath, you need to first understand one simple fact: They want to hang out in broad, open areas. That being said, the best way to attract birds to your bird bath is to leave as much of the area surrounding the bath open as possible.

That means you shouldn’t clutter the area and scatter any nearby trees. The more open the area, the more the birds will be attracted to it.

Here are a few inexpensive tips for maintaining a rubbish-free, bird-bath environment:

The Birdbath

Keeping your birdbath clean is easy, but there’s a whole lot more to it than that.

If you’re serious about attracting birds to your bird bath you will need to use a mild detergent and water, a brush with a soft bristles, and a cloth.

Keep the depth reasonable

For starters, keep the depth of your bird bath shallow. The reason for this is so that it’s easier for birds to take a flying leap. Depending on the size of your bird bath, you should try to keep the maximum depth at 3.5–5 inches. You can even go as low as 2–3 inches, but just be sure you keep it anywhere from 1–2 inches deep. Any deeper and you risk killing your birds.

Keep the bath out during the 'rush hour'

'rush hours' – When the birds are flying from the roost to search for food and coming back.

Sunset – For most of the birds, the day ends with sunset. If you want to attract birds, keep the bath out at least 30 minutes before the sunset.

Keep your bird bath clean

Always clean your bird bath at least a few times a month; scrub the sides and clean the bottom. Birds tend to get sick if they use a dirty bird bath, so keep it germ-free.Some bird experts recommend adding a few ounces of vinegar to the water to remove any harmful bacteria.

Create a bird-friendly landscape

The design of your garden is, of course, very important. If you know your garden is going to be used by birds, you should consider giving them among the best natural habitats you can possibly offer.

Different species of birds enjoy different conditions. You will need to make sure you have a good variety of nesting, shelter, and food-stuff if you are going to attract as many types of birds as possible.

Your bird-friendly garden may include:

  • Layers of branches and twigs
  • Dead tree stumps and fallen branches
  • Rock, gravel, and stones
  • Bare patches of soil
  • Peat bogs
  • Grassy areas for nests
  • Thickets or shrubs
  • Manmade bird houses
  • Plants and trees for food and shelter

Install nestboxes

Birds have a nesting instinct, and your birds may not find a safe place to nest – if you don't install nestboxes.

Look for a space in the garden where the tree is not too close to a wall. Choose an area where there are no obstacles you can see.

You will find this space between the branches of a tree. The colour of the branches is partly brown, and you have to avoid this part.

Looking around the branches, I found a perfect place.

This time, I chose a place where the tree is outside of the plan. You can hang the nestbox inside the house or just outside the plan.

I loved the wood inside the bird box. Because of this, the birds would not have to be fixated on the post itself, but on the box.

It has two boxes in the middle that are easily used by the bird. It also has two boxes that are about to be used.

Provide shelter (essential)

Sounds simple enough, but how many bird baths do you see out there in your yard, totally undefended? That’s how not to attract birds to your bird bath! You need to provide some kind of shelter for your birds, otherwise they won’t visit your bird bath.

Just make sure to avoid using any leftover plastic or chemicals in your homemade shelter.

Keep your water fresh

I mentioned before that water that freezes and water that gets stagnant is a problem. But there is another factor that can cause birds to avoid a bird bath.

If it is a very sunny day and the water in your birdbath heats up, it might be too hot and uncomfortable for the birds. If this is a problem, you can put out a tray of water that the birds can use when they need to cool off. Or you might be able to add some shade to the area you used as a birdbath.

This will probably involve something that will require you to plant a few plants and shrubs in the area. This may be part of your landscaping project. You will have to choose the plants and shrubs carefully.

This will also require you to manicure the plants and shrubs a little and keep them well cared for. But this will be a good skill to have, because you will be building your green thumb. And can attract other birds and small mammals to your garden.

You can also go for birdbaths that can be filled with water and are also heated. These will help your birds stay comfortable, regardless of the weather.