Swan Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

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Swan symbolism and meaning

Swan is a very beautiful bird that has been revered in different parts of the world for thousands of years. Their grace and elegance combined with their, generally, white feathers have ensured that they are represented in myths and legends all over Europe, Asia and Africa.

Their name in Greek language means ‘white’, which makes sense considering that swans are pretty much the most purely white birds that roam the face of Earth.

All the good and pure connotations go hand in hand with this name because the lore says that only pure souls were able to become swans and be able to live in a perfect world where the peace prevailed.

Another symbol of this bird represents good luck, love, and all of the good things in life.

That said, the meaning of swan is very similar throughout the world, which is a large flightless bird or a large aquatic bird, that is very graceful and elegant and that is often associated with worship. They can represent many things, depending on their place of residence.

For the Egyptians, swan symbolized light, life and freedom.

For the Chinese, they represented grace, humility and desire for perfection.

For the Germans, they meant beauty and purity, while the traditional stories of Ireland show us that the symbol of swan still meant grace and beauty.

Swan Native American symbolism

Native Americans used the symbolism of swans as more of a totem or to signify spiritual guidance.

The white color association with the swan is believed to have evolved because swans have a snowy look. Therefore they portrayed the white swan as a bringer of peace and harmony.

In Chinese mythology, the white swan is also seen as the spirit or messenger of the great sky god, "Tian-Di".

Earlier, the white color of the swan was associated with dark-coloured water in the lakes and rivers. This has led to the association of the swan with peace, water and the natural elements.

The symbolism of the swan is often associated with a “gift” or “talent”. The swan itself has a long history of being a symbol of fidelity and/or purity.

The lore of swans also depicts them as creatures that are perhaps most known for their singing capabilities.

It has also been suggested that the swan is a symbol of divinity and that the myth of the swan is associated with the birth of the saviour. Swans are known as a symbol of eternal life.

However, if you are more of a contemporary Swan, you might want to stick to the sweet romantic love story that comes with snowy white swans.

Swan Christianity symbolism

Swan Christianity symbol is a symbol of Mary, The Mother of God – The symbol of the swan in the Christian tradition is closely linked to the portrait of an Old Testament character who was on the path to salvation during his lifetime.

In this picture, the swan is the symbol of the Old Testament prophet Elijah who was taken up to Heaven in the form of a fiery chariot appearing in the sky. The body of the prophet was never found.

Elijah is the prophet who first brought the message of God to the Jewish people. While in the desert, Elijah was fed by ravens (the symbol of a friend in need).

The link between ravens and Elijah is important. It is said that a raven fed Elijah and that at that time when the raven was carrying bread to the prophet, he flew into a nest with fledglings. The prophet took one of the fledglings and sacrificed it to God.

From that time in Judaism there is an understanding of the friendship of man and animals. In particular, no one can harm a bird that has fledglings. The connection between birds and the incarnation of the Sons of God is important. The bird as a symbol of divine activity symbolizes the activity of the Divine Will incarnated in the flesh of Jesus Christ.


Swan Celtic symbolism

In Celtic art, the swan symbolized rebirth, inspiration, love, and fidelity. There is a legend in the life of swans. The Celtic deity Rhiannon was a virgin who carried the magical object called the Black Stone of Fal.

Rhiannon’s stepson, Pwyll, fell in love with her, but she resisted his advances. Pwyll stole the stone from Rhiannon and still demanded that she become his wife. As she left with her husband, Rhiannon ordered her servant to take a pack of mares with colts, to pull her magnificent chariot.

The servant hid the colts, and when the lady arrived home in her chariot, claiming that they would not allow themselves to be harnessed to draw her. Rhiannon asked her servant how she had reached the palace.

The servant replied that the mares had flown. Rhiannon was furious and ordered the servant to be killed by being buried alive.

Swan Celtic Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens).

Rhiannon’s stepson, Pwyll, arrived suddenly as Rhiannon’s carriage arrived at the entrance to the palace. He discovered the servant’s body, and knowing what had happened he cried out for vengeance.

Swan in dreams

The symbolic meaning of a swan is one of elegance, strong will, nobility and grace. The swan is associated with high feminine energy and great connection with the Divine.

The pure white swan associated with the Goddess in many countries and with the highest aspect of the Feminine in Greek mythology.

The white feather of the swan represents the divine power of manifestation.

When seeing a swan spirituality means purity, divine inspiration, honorable, graceful and polite.

A greater conscious awareness about who you are and your connection with the divine is strongly associated with the swan.

If you dream of a swan it is a good sign for having greater integrity and socialization.

Dreaming of the swan, you should pay attention to what the swan is doing, e.g. flying, and to what is happening around and within you, e.g. you are the only person watching and no one else is around.

Following the swan in your dreams suggests that you are connecting with the divine feminine energy.

Dream of the swan and you need to pay attention to your inner self and your desires.

The swan in dreams heal young wounded souls and brings peace of mind.

Swan encounters and omens

Swan symbolism and meaning vary by culture, but in general swans are a symbol of grace and beauty. The swan is a bird of Venus, and it symbolizes love, beauty, and art.

A white swan is a symbol of grace and devotion, while a black swan is a symbol of tragedy. In European tradition, swans carry souls to the afterlife. In Native American culture, the swan is a spirit animal.

Swan encounters and omens in dreams can be a reminder that you are feeling like you aren’t living up to your potential and need to pay more attention to your inner self. Or that you are needing to be more protective of yourself, or more caring to others.

Sometimes swan encounters and omens can be a sign that you are in a situation that is toxic or bad for you. You may be feeling trapped and need to admit you have made a mistake, leave a relationship or situation, or step back from a situation.

Swan mythology and folklore

Before the popularization of the Swan emblem, the waterbird was used in a number of stories from different cultures all over the world. The black swan in particular is featured in a variety of historical stories that are crucial in discovering its current importance in the world.

In Norse mythology, for instance, the black swan was linked to the myth of creation; it is said that the beautiful swan swam to a small island covered by mist and created the world.

Similarly, in Greek mythology, a black swan was the guardian of the gate to paradise, which is why it was a symbol of eternal life.

In addition, in Vedic mythology, swans wear the necklace of immortality, which becomes a symbol of purity given its white plumage and black color.

The Swan history is particularly important in the traditions of the Chinese, who admire it for its beauty and grace. For instance, its appearance is related to the arrival of a ghost and the presence of happiness.

It is interesting to note, however, that this beauty is associated with grief, as its death is considered to be a loss of beauty and innocence.

During the Roman times, swans were extremely popular and were typically kept by the nobility due to the fact that they represent ideals of love, virtue, harmony, strength, and wisdom.

Swan spirit animal

It’s the call of the sacred dancer.

The appearance of a beautiful swan often signifies divine messages, as they are very often associated with the angelic realm.

Swans are sanctified creatures, especially the white ones. They represent divine love and selfless service practiced by the various species of these winged beings, and as an animal totem, they will teach you the way to carry out the highest nature.

The great and gentle spirit of the swans will find its way into your soul, soothing it. Your spiritual transformation will be facilitated by the master swans, your spirit teachers. They will help you awaken your own divine light within, and in doing so, they will help you manifest your angelic qualities.

As a spirit animal, the swan call for a re-evaluation of your path in life. They urge you on to look for it and begin walking it with grace and dignity and with your head held high.

The swan can help you restore your faith in love, and it will help you show this love to the ones you love. It will teach you how to be a better person and watch over, mentor and protect the people that you hold dear.

Swan totem animal

A swan has a long and proud history going back to Ancient Persia, where the people were said to be descended from a race of white-feathered birds. This is likely the original reason these birds were associated with royalty.

In Japan, the White Swan is a symbol of love and beauty. In Greek mythology, the Swan was the symbol of the god Apollo, and in the Victorian era, swans were symbols of devotion, faithfulness and pure love.

In Christian mythology, the swan was supposed to have been created by God as the opposite of the devil.

In later years, the white swan became a symbol of Death, likely due to swans being the symbol of the Egyptian goddess of Death. The swan was such a symbol because during a swan lake, all of the swans on the lake turned completely white before dying.

This symbol is still used today in the World War II Nazi German Schutzstaffel (SS) organization, because it was said that the original Nazis were descended from monks who were white as swans, and the organization's symbol, meant to depict a winged staff (to oppose the Christian cross), was in reality a white swan.

Swan symbology likely started with the association with the White Swan as a symbol of beauty.

Swan power animal

Swan represents truth, beauty, sensitivity, and peace. This bird-spirit symbolizes intuition, harmony, loyalty, calmness, and composure before a storm.

People who have this totem are often connected to spirituality, psychic abilities, enchanting writing, authors, speakers, and artists.

Swan tattoo meaning

Swan tattoos are very popular. The spiritual meaning of this winged animal just draws people towards it.

From the Native American petroglyphs to the Greek mythology, this bird appears in every culture.

The reverence for this bird and the magic that it holds is incalculable. Right from its symmetry and beauty to the melody it creates, the swan represents fertility, purity, and beauty in an incomparable manner.

The swan is a symbol of enchanting beauty and reflects graceful demeanor of women. It is exceptionally symbolizes a women’s magical ability to use her power of feminine grace.

In case of a woman’s tattoo, the swan tattoo is an excellent option.

It is an excellent option for those women who wish to portray the elegance that women always aim to have. It brings out the significance of grace and elegance in a woman.

If you are a woman and wish to have a tattoo, the swan tattoo is a good choice for you. It is not only a sign of inner beauty, but also of elegant demeanor.

For most people, the swan is a good symbol of purity. And that’s because the swan doesn’t like getting its feathers dirty. It is a sign of a woman’s purity, without getting dirty.


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