12 Tips on How to Attract Birds to Your Yard Fast

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Create a bird feeding station

Paper is one of the best indoor bird feeders in the market, but there are many other options other than paper-based bird feeders. Paper is easy to make, simple to clean, cheap, and biodegradable. To make a paper bird feeder, you can follow these steps:

Take a sheet of paper and fold it twice vertically and then horizontally. Fold diagonally to cut out the bottom of the triangle and create a stand.

When you’re done folding, the bird feeder will look like a diamond, with the top and bottom folded and the edges sticking out.

Now, take a roll of tape, preferably Scotch brand. Rip off a strip and attach it to the paper right by a corner of the unfolded triangle. This will be the bottom of the bird feeder. Tape the other side of the triangle to the wall.

Next, fold the edges of the triangle inward. After 5 or 6 twists around the folded edges, use tape again to hold the paper together.

Tempt with the right treats

What do birds want most? Food! To attract birds to your yard, give them a bird buffet of seed, nuts, berries, fat, and suet. More than 100 species of birds may live near your home.

Dozens of the most common species of birds that live in our area can also be attracted to your bird feeders if you’re willing to offer some simple treats, such as fat and suet.

Just a few teaspoons of suet to the top of your feeder will be enough to attract woodpeckers, chickadees, jays, titmice, and other species that like to dine on suet.

Another common treat is a few nuts or sunflower seeds attached to the side of your bird feeder pole. This will draw in common backyard birds such as grackles, woodpeckers, sparrows, buntings, nuthatches, and cardinals.

The location of the feeder is the key

The placement of the bird feeder is of utmost importance when it comes to attracting birds to your yard. The best bird feeder to buy is one that is put up in such a way that the birds are constantly aware of it.

To ensure this, you should consider a few important environmental aspects. Choose a location where there’s plenty of sunshine and where birds can easily swoop up for quick meals. Research has shown that birds are more likely to notice a feeder placed in a location where they feel safe from predators.

You can also participate in a marathon run and when a lot of people gather in the park, you can marathon eat to reward yourself.

Install a bird bath

Birds go through a lot of energy as they fly and when they are here, they need to keep hydrated. A bird resort can keep them busy.

Install a bird bath in your garden. Place it near some hiding spots for the birds. If you don’t have a tree but have a garden fence, hang the bird bath from the fence.

If you don’t think a bird bath will work, look around your home. How about using spare buckets or plastic bowls, anything for water will attract the birds.

But don’t forget to change the water regularly.

Seek attention with bright colors

Birds really see colors in a way that is vastly different to humans. While we may think a bird sees red, blue or green with equal accuracy, birds flesh tones are extraordinary.

That’s why you often see blue birds in blue plumage, red birds in fiery red tail feathers, and black birds with no other color but black.

To attract birds you need to create an easily spotted and defined home and you need to look like yourself! So bring out that bag of bright paint, apply a fresh coat over your so-so bench or pedestal, and to be sure of the effect, use a strong color.

Install a bird house

The most basic way to attract birds to your backyard is to install a bird house. You can either select an already pre-built bird house from a store or build one yourself at home. If you do build one, it’s best to keep it simple and to the point. The focus here is on functionality and ease of use.

For each bird species, look for a specialized bird house at your closest retailer. Also, don’t forget to use a sealant to seal the bird house once it’s built to prevent water from penetrating.

For convenience… and to attract a wide range of birds, it’s important to install a bird feeder. The best bird feeders are easy to refill and refillable reasonably. You can either choose a platform or tower style bird feeder.

You will also need to supply bird seed along with installing a bird feeder. The best type of grain is the one that the bird species you’re trying to attract feed on naturally such as thistle. You should keep bird seed in a dry and cool space in a sealed bag.

Encourage nesting in your yard

A two- or three-inch layer of litter works well to help birds nest in a wide variety of plant types. Add a layer of 6 or so inches of humus, shredded leaves, or pine bark for soil.

Install a perching stick

Perching sticks are placed in several spots around the yard and they serve as a location for birds to stop, rest and even build a nest.

The perching stick can be made of many different materials. Old and dried out tree branches are a good basic material and excellent for the task. You can choose branches that are as long as you want, but at least 8 inches long. In order to attract birds, you should allow sections of the branch to extend outward from the main stick body, usually at right angles to the branch. These long, thin off-shoots give the bird stability so that it can land and perch.

Wooden dowel rods are also suitable for perching sticks and they’re often recommended for larger birds that need strong, secure perching to build a nest. Many bird shops that cater to backyard birding have a nice selection of dowels and thick dowels that are large enough for large birds to perch on.

Another option is to use thick branches taken from trees. These just have to be the right thickness for bird landing and perching. You can also wrap a thin layer of rope or yarn around the branch so that the branch offers a little extra texture and grip for your birds.

Create a bird-friendly landscape

{tip} When designing your landscape, be sure to plan ahead both for bird-friendly features and to give the birds ample food, water, and shelter.

Squirrel-proof your bird feeders

The biggest challenge to attracting birds to your backyard is the threat of squirrels stealing the seeds. Squirrels are notorious for getting the last laugh, and you will quickly find that they’ll be the ones in your yard, fetching your seed when you attract the finches and other small birds.

So, the best way to start attracting birds is to squirrel-proof your backyard.

Squirrels are smart—they can easily find ways around pretty much anything—so you will need to use a combination of different devices to make sure they’re not your problem anymore.

To squirrel-proof your bird feeder, you want to find something that the squirrels won’t be able to knock down or dig under.

Keep your feeders clean (inside and outside)

Keeping your bird feeders clean is really important. It prevents diseases and parasites. So you can keep your birds healthy and safe.

Dirty bird feeders also look bad and don’t seem inviting for birds. Your birds will not be able to find the food they miss and decide your feeder is not worth frequenting anymore.

So always clean your bird feeders thoroughly and change the water regularly.

Lure them with the right plants

Birds will find easy to them food sources and habitats in places where they are in abundance, and you can use that to your advantage. Providing easy food sources is one of the most important things you can do to attract birds.

Make a birdseed station by putting out a shallow birdbath filled with seeds, or by spreading any kind of organic birdseed in a layer in a flat tray.