12 Tips on How to Attract Crows to Your Yard (2022)

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Provide roosting ground

Crows don’t just hang around for the fun of it. They are looking for a safe place to rest. Create a roosting place for them and you will notice the numbers of crows in your backyard increase. They need tall, sturdy trees or towers to perch on. They prefer to roost on the lower or middle branches. You can create your own crow’s nest by tying sticks together and hoisting them up to a good roosting height.

Install a bird bath (essential for birds)

And a fish pond (essential for crows) in your yard. Make sure you install a water pump in both the bath and the pond. Don’t forget to cover the ponds.

In addition to a bird bath and a fish pond, you can also install a hummingbird feeder, a bee house, and other bird feeders a distance away from your home.

These birds will attract crows. In case your yard is already swarming with crows, you can test this by whistling sound. Chances are your crows will show up in your backyard.

You can use metal plates to scare them away.

Alternatively, you can tie a rope in your yard. The sound of the rope rustling will ordinarily scare a crow away, unless it has already nested in your backyard.

Or you can use plastic owls to scare crows away.

Remove all noise

First of all, you need to identify what noise is causing crows to steer clear of your yard.

If you think about it, you’ll realize that there are several kinds of noises: noise from the TV, radio, loud music, car, washing machine, dog barking and so on.

So, turning off the TV and radio can do the trick.

Place some decoy crows

The first step is to put some decoys on your property. This will tell crows that this is their territory. Crows are very territorial birds, when they see another crow anywhere close to their territory, they’ll start off with warning behavior because they want to prevent other animals from taking over their territory.

If you plan on actually catching some crows then this is an excellent way to start scaring them into staying away.

Lure them with crow calls

Play a variety of crow calls and other crow sounds. Play them from various spots in the yard and include imitations of other species, such as blue jay and blackbird.

The calls can be recorded and played back on a portable player or on the computer. Play them from a hat or small bin. Crows have excellent hearing, so you can be fairly close and positioned in a tree stand.

However, if you are close, be sure it is daylight and that there are no people around.

Many sporting goods stores have CD’s of crow calls, or you can download them from the internet.

Tempt them with the right food

It’s a known fact that if crows see or hear an item that interests them (like a potential meal), they’ll likely come to see what’s going on.

So, it makes sense to place items in your yard that may catch their attention, making your property the location of choice for some crows to gather.

Start by identifying the food source or food sources that are luring crows to your property.

There are actually at least a dozen different types of food that crows like. It just may take some time to figure out which one is of interest in your neighborhood.

In general, cheese, meat, and fried food items seem to attract most crows, but really, your best bet may be to offer a combination of at least some of the following:

  • cooked meat; (including bacon, chicken thighs, or hot dogs)
  • dairy products (like cottage cheese and yogurt containers)
  • bread, donuts, toast (eaten or not)

Create a feeding routine

The psychological principle of “habituation” means that the more you repeat something, the more familiar it becomes and the more easily it is then recognized. Crows are extremely intelligent birds, and they quickly recognize behaviors and routines, which means if you are caught in a cycle of feeding, it’s much easier for them to recognize and understand it. The easiest example is a feeder in your yard. If they visit your feeder everyday at feeding time, they’ll understand that it will always be there the next day. They won’t waste energy searching for it. They will begin to associate this feeder with food and will fly over to it whenever they are hungry.

It’s best to feed the birds at the same time every day. Crows are creatures of habit, and if they know when they can expect food from you they’ll be sure to fly over to your yard on time. This creates a routine in which you are feeding the crows at the same time of every day. This isn’t an action that has to be repeated every day, but for the full effect, try to plan this routine so that it occurs on a regular schedule.

Location of the feeder is the key

To attract crows to your backyard. Place your feeder near a tree for shading, in an area pointing to a clearing or open area, or in an area with maximum visibility. If you have a pond or a man-made water basin, the resting place of your water feature is an ideal place to attract crows.

Start a compost bin

Crows love spending time around garbage and junk. Unfortunately, this sometimes causes them to make one too many landings on neighbors’ roofs, so they need to be encouraged to go elsewhere.

Use a compost bin as a place to encourage them to make their new nest. While some birds are naturally afraid of other avian predators, crows have a natural fear of large mammals.

While they will waddle away when they see a bear taking a stroll through your yard, they have no reason to avoid a compost pile.

This will be a good place to start.

Keep your pets inside

Crows are naturally suspicious of other creatures that have been known to attack and kill their young (which is pretty much everything!). As such, they are more than willing to take out their aggression on any creature they happen to catch in the yard.

Pets are especially vulnerable, simply because they are not as aware of their surroundings as humans and their nests are often right on the ground, making them easy to ambush.

If you’re a pet owner, be sure to keep them inside. If they do get out, be sure to look after them carefully to make sure they don’t lose their bearings and wander away from the house.

Leave shiny objects around your yard

One of the best ways to attract crows to your yard is by leaving shiny objects around. Shiny objects such as coins, pieces of jewelry, etc…Crows are particularly interested in cheap jewelry as they tend to forget where shiny objects are located and hence, make frequent visits back to your yard (source).

You can also leave bird seed out in your yard. Crows are smart enough to recognize different types of birds. So, if you leave bird seed out in your yard for them, they can use the bird seed to lure out other kinds of birds. Crows love to prey on other birds, especially their young. So, the crow is just doing what it does best. Use a bird feeder as another method for attracting and keeping crows in your yard.

Don't try to get too close

Most people who hate crows are taken back by the boldness of them. They will go in your yard to harass you, their food source. This means they are not afraid of anything. When you step in their world, they will fly at you, very closely, landing at your feet, and moving along with you. If you are trying to scare them with a sprays, deep-voice, or booms, please remember they are not afraid of you.