12 Tips on How to Get Rid of Crows Fast (2022)

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Use decoys or real crow predators

By doing this, you are removing threats without harming the crow, which you can also use to scare the flock away.

Crows are smart and wary, so they only get close if they’re hungry or curious, so this is the perfect opportunity to introduce predators into the equation.

Of course, you could easily use a real predator such as a hawk, as well.

Everyone knows hawks are natural predators to crows, and this is one of the easiest, cost-efficient, and reliable options.

If you don’t already have one, you can purchase one, tame it, and train it for this specific purpose.

In a way, this can be seen as less cruel since the hawk will only bring one or two crows at a time, instead of tearing apart the entire flock.

Keep your yard clean

Crows are a clever species of bird, and they often have good memories. They can remember danger areas, and that’s why you want to reduce their memories of your yard as a place of danger. This means not only keeping your yard clean of litter, but also removing excess garbage from around your property and inside your house. It will seem a little strange to have an extra clean house if you’re not hosting company, but cleaning up your yard is the first step to stopping the crows’ raids.

Hang something shiny throughout your yard

The first thing that you need to do in order to drive away crows is to figure out the reason why they are in your yard in the first place.

Crows are scavengers, and they are attracted to your property if there is something that they can find food in. Once they plan to move in, it is going to take a lot of effort to get rid of them.

If you want to prevent the crows from taking up residence at your house, you need to clean up your yard.

Make sure that there is no garbage left outside and remove any leftover pet food or the food remains of wild game that you have shot.

Crows are smartest animals. They are able to learn new behaviors from one another quickly, so if one of the crows in your neighborhood is bold enough to go through your trash and put together a good meal, you can bet the other crows will be following suit very soon.

You can’t just throw something away while you’re working in the garage. It will likely attract crows.

You may also consider starting to compost the food waste that would normally go into your garbage. You can get rid of the trash and use the compost to enrich your garden or even sell it for extra money.

High sounds and noises

In general don’t scare birds like crows away, and that is why shooting a gun in the air or having an air horn is useless.

Crows are smart, opportunistic, and they can get used to a certain sound after a while. So, if you have just begun to scare crows away, wait until the birds find a new home.

But if they have claimed that one spot on your balcony, roof, etc. and won’t leave it, here are other methods that you can try to get rid of them.

Use a High-Pitched Sound

Although the regular noise won’t impress crows, it definitely annoys them. But it only lasts for a short while and it is not sufficient to scare them away.

If you want to use this method, purchase or make high-pitched sounds playing on a portable device, so you can walk around and utilize the sounds over the whole area where the crows are.

The higher the pitch, the better.

This will work only in certain areas, but if you are using it on a place where you don’t have too many humans coming and going, you can scare them away with a simple device.

Cover your garbage

There are a lot of cunning ways to get rid of crows but the first thing you can do is to make crows find something more interesting to eat than your leftovers. If crows were smart they would be kamikazes. They would keep dive bombing military convoys and dying in the process.

But they aren’t smart. All you have to do is cover your garbage. Go to the store and purchase a cheap green plastic bin with a secure lid and line it with a garbage bag. Then take your garbage to the curb on trash day and only place your garbage inside the bin.

Use bird netting

Put bird netting over your trash cans. It can be expensive, but it will protect your garden from crows and other birds.

Use feeders that don’t include large birds

Birds of prey are often seen as predators and are considered to be fierce. Crows, on the other hand are seen as a nuisance and considered evil.

These crows will rob other birds of their food and for this reason; are considered to be wrong doers. In reality, however, birds of prey are their rightful predators.

The crows only keep the food for themselves and never return it back to their rightful owners.

Crows are one of the most intelligent species of birds. They only make use of their brain to survive and never take the food that has been left for another.

When crows are seen, the birds normally report the matter to their superiors. This is how most of the crows get to know when it’s the right time to attack.

Thus, it’s important to ensure that the crows no longer have the needed information about your operation. You can start with ensuring that your trees, fences and the property that you are covering has been well covered.

Remove those nesting areas

Since crows are territorial birds, they will not settle in an area that is already occupied by another crow.

So, the first thing you can do is contact the wildlife rescue service and get a professional to remove the nests.

However, if you don’t want to involve the professionals, you can try to do it by yourself too.

When dealing with crows, remember that they are very wary. So, the better you mesh the forest, the better results you will get.

Also, remember that the easiest way to get rid of crows is to remove the nesting sites.

Install those bird spikes on fences and roof lines

Bird spikes are like miniature spikes that are very effective in preventing birds from sitting on rooftops and other concrete edges. Bird spikes have a series of tiny barbs that make a very uncomfortable place to rest.

If you still see birds on your roof or in your yard, that means you have not installed enough of them. Install as much as necessary to let them discourage the birds that are still there.

Use motion-sensor sprinklers

Crows hate fast-moving water coming down on them in droplets. Motion-sensor sprinklers do the job when they are in a group.

A motion-sensor sprinkler will deter a single crow but he’ll come back again once the sprinkler goes off. So you’d need at least two sprinklers to create a barrier between the crows and your garden.

Use an ultrasonic bird and pest repeller

It is very natural to try and rid crows from the area. People often poison or shoot these birds. This is not a good idea. Crows are a species that can cause damage to your property, not any others.

You can use the products for a lot of things, but you can usually just set them up so they are flickering the light from the bottom. This is extremely annoying to most birds.

You won’t always have to use this kind of bird control, but it is handy for when you need to get rid of them for a little while. You can use these to your advantage when you need to get rid of crows for an event, like a wedding.

Remove all food and water sources

The first step towards driving crows away is removing any and all food sources. This will definitely reduce the crow population as they have a large appetite. The crow that roams around your house has learnt that you have a well filled garden and that it’s the perfect spot for him to have his food.

Remove all the food he can access and there will be no food to eat, and hence the crow would leave on its own.