12 Tips on How to Get Rid of Owls Fast (2022)

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Stop attracting songbirds

Stop attracting Owls to your backyard with natural warm colors, cut bushes, and fresh fruit, herbs, fruit trees, and berries.

Owls are attracted to open spaces and to perching places in the garden.

Make your garden less owl-friendly by keeping lawns short and removing undergrowth, which attracts songbirds to your backyard.

Removing standing water also keeps the flea infestations under control.

Create high noises and sounds

A scary owl encounter should never grab your peace of mind. You need to unsettle and frighten the owl for a fast withdrawal.

Your best bet is to focus on creating loud noises that would help to scatter the feathered enemy.

Doing so involves turning on the radio or TV in your yard. A good idea is to ask your neighbors to lend an ear for some music and some wonderful noise.

A second option is to install a fogger in your backyard.

These low-pressure foggers release a dense aerosol of water. It makes a relatively loud noise that discourages various animals from settling around your house.

Also, the dense mist of water can be useful in chasing off the owl as it can leave your house looking like a hurricane has just struck it.

Use strobe lights to scare owls away

Too many birds in your yard? One of the first things we recommend a homeowner do is use the time-honored principle of "scare them away". Sometimes this is as simple as using a motion-activated solar light. The light sensors will pick up any nearby movement and the pack of lights will start a simulated fire.

If the birds are large or persistent, we also recommend installing a pack of strobes on the roof. Often called owls.

These strobe lights used for music festivals and rock concerts will scare the heck out of any nearby critter. This is not something we recommend if you have a curious cat. But larger animals and birds do not like to be surprised with a strobing light overhead.

Get a Rooster

Yes, you’ve heard it right. Adding a rooster to your home will help in keeping owls at bay. That’s because they have the ability to awaken their flock with fast clucks and crows and scare the unwanted visitors away.

Remove nesting options

The easiest way to get rid of owls is to remove opportunities for them to nest on your property.

It is a relatively simple process of removing any possible nesting sites such as holes in trees, wood-pecker holes, cracks, vent pipes or any other cavity that may rival the holes in your nest box.

Even if you don’t manage to catch them this time, they are unlikely to reuse the same nesting site for the next three months, so chances are you will not see them again on your property for the rest of the spring season.

Remove roosting options

The very first thing you should do is eliminate the roosting opportunities for the owls. This is usually on top of an overhead structure.

The first thing you should do is to remove the food sources on which the owls are feeding.

To make this easier, you should remove all outdoor pets such as chickens and ducks (if you have them).

You can also install owls in your house. They will not only keep the pests at bay but will also make your house very.

Place roosting spikes on perching areas

Owls tend to nest and roost on high ledges of buildings, piles of rocks, dead trees, and on other elevated spots for observation purposes. So some of the best ways to get rid of these pests is by installing roosting spikes on these areas.

These spikes can be bought in hardware stores. Installing them on the roosts will discourage owls from nesting and roosting on those areas.

If you have a barn or stable, you can also attach these spikes on the rafters and trusses to prevent owls from nesting there.

Install mirrors to mimic the wildlife

Owls are mostly nocturnal and that is the reason they chose to live in far areas. For this reason, we can use this to lure them away from our property.

Sadly, they are smart enough not to fall into this trap, so we have to convince them to leave.

Compensate what is missing in the natural environment with mirrors and reflectors.

Use a hawk or other predator decoy

These can be purchased either online or in hunting supply stores. You can try to attach them to a tree or pole near your house, or even lower them over your barn or shed. You can also try to attract birds of prey to your property. Hawks and owls are predators and will chase other birds away from your property. The birds will usually put a lot of effort into chasing these birds away as well.

Cover your livestock with net

Ting during pasture hours. Sturdy netting can prevent these predators from landing. It will also help protect your livestock from airborne predators such as hawks and other kinds of prey birds.

This should be reason enough to have a ready supply of netting on hand at all times.

Add a scarecrow

Use night lights

This is an easy way to scare off owls. Use low-voltage lights, such as solar lights or LED lights with spike setting, in the trees surrounding your backyard.

Make sure these lights are bright enough, so owl can see them. Be sure they’re weather-proof and not exposed to rain, wind and other elements.

If you can’t find lights with spikes, secure them in the tree with rope or bird netting.

If using for the first time, screw a couple of nails into the trunk of the tree and secure the lights to the nails. Make sure the nails are not sharp so that it doesn’t hurt the owl and it can easily land on the tree and fly off.