15 Tips on How to Get Rid of Woodpeckers Fast [Humane Way]

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Remove The Food Source

Woodpeckers love to feed on fruits and nuts from nearby trees. Remove these food sources and you’ll find the birds are down to one option, move on.

Use a decoy woodpecker feeder

These are contraptions that are made to resemble a woodpecker’s favorite food. When woodpeckers are looking for food, they will typically check trees.

When they see the peck feeder on your tree, they will see the reflection of food inside the feeder and attempt to take a bite of the food instead of wood.

Removing the reflection of the food will also remove the interest of the woodpeckers.

These feeders are best placed on the tree trunk away from your house or on the roof of your house.

Use a woodpecker sound deterrent

The woodpecker sound deterrents are the most humane way to get rid of woodpeckers on your own. The so called woodpecker noise makers are sound recording devices which generate a similar noise that these birds hate.

When you install these devices near the spots where these birds do their damaging work they soon start to stay away. They are effective throughout the year, but are even more effective when the birds are newly brooding a nest. It’s no secret that woodpecker nest improvements are the best way to stop woodpeckers in their tracks. These nests usually last for years and don’t cost much.

Plant strategic fruit trees and berry bushes

Using decorative plants can help deter these pests. Strawberry plants attract woodpeckers. Easy-to-find, low-hanging fruit will quickly attract them to your yard to peck away. Planting some easy-to-reach fruit bushes can help deter them from hitting your house. A good way to get rid of woodpeckers is to plant fruit trees. The trees should reach a height of six to eight feet. They should be placed far enough away from your home. The fruits on the trees should be picked regularly.

It has become common to see woodpeckers drum simultaneously on the same tree. When you have a banana tree, the fruits will grow on its trunk. They can be picked and placed away from the trees.

Install a decoy woodpecker predator

Woodpeckers can be easily scared off your property by the decoy of a predator. One of the most effective is Solar Powered Owl Decoy. It has three features that can scare off woodpeckers.

{1}. Solar-powered mechanism allows for easy placement and hassle-free operation.
{2}. Both the light and sound signals are triggered by movement in a 30 to 40-foot radius.
{3}. When triggered, the decoy flashes its LED “eyes” and emits a high-pitched sound pattern designed to scare away predators.

No Additional Hardware Required: The Solar-powered owl decoy can be placed anywhere you have sunlight, such as a back yard, garden, fence, roof tiles, or a tree. A stake or a mounting pole are not required. If there is no sunlight available, the decoy can be easily powered by 4 DC batteries (not included).

Install a woodpecker net

Woodpeckers usually only enter your yard to peck away at the soft wood underneath your siding. A good way to prevent getting woodpeckers is to install a woodpecker net.

A woodpecker net is basically a net that you hang up that covers the area where the woodpecker is pecking. Birds won’t enter the net, and as a result you won’t have to worry about them pecking your siding anymore.

Remove roosting areas

Woodpeckers are around 1” to 2” long. They can roost in trees where houses are located and in dormer vents of the house, right above your rooms. If there is in fact a small gap between the roof and the dormer, woodpeckers are more than happy to roost there. Woodpeckers don’t like being disturbed, and home owners having nuisance problems with them always warn their neighbors, who are horrified by the thought that these cute little birds can do so much damage.

To prevent this, you should make sure that there is no roosting area for woodpeckers on your roof or in your dormer. Their roosting materials can be removed by increasing the nesting places outside the house. You should spray your roof with an anti-roosting chemical that can be purchased at a hardware shop. This will remove any insects and other nutrients from your roof which are the primary food source to the woodpeckers that frequent your home.

Scare woodpeckers with reflection

Frightening woodpeckers at night with a laser light is one of the best ways to stop woodpeckers without any harm.

Woodpeckers are afraid of the dark and so, they will not go to areas that are not illuminated.

When you are at home, shine a laser light on one of the wood surfaces that the woodpecker has hit. The woodpecker will perceive this as a reflection from the eyes of a potential predator in a tree above and fly away in fright.

Since woodpeckers fly quickly, you should stay ready at night to deflect the woodpecker away quickly.

If you don’t own a laser light, you can also use lanterns or flashlights. The lights won’t be as effective as a laser light, but they will still do their job.

Use bright mylar balloons

You can use cheap mylar balloons as scarecrows to protect your fruit trees from woodpeckers.

Simply find a stick that will hold the balloon in place and then tie it up in the tree.

Woodpeckers are afraid of new objects encroaching on their territory. When they see the balloon, they will think that it is a predator and won’t dare to land on the tree.

Woodpeckers are attracted to shiny objects. Use spray bottles containing water and move it around in different directions.

This will give the birds a harmless scare.

Soak Their Beak in Hot Water

Scare them from the ground before they even land. Get a bucket of water hot enough to burn your skin if you dip your finger in it.

When you see a woodpecker, fill the bucket with the water and tip it over his head. This will give him a hot and frightening experience and he will learn not to come.

Feed Them with Suet

Woodpeckers love suet. Approach them with that and with the help of a ladder you can reach the woodpecker’s nest.

Place two large pieces of suet on either side of the hole. This will give the birds a scare and they will abandon the nest.

Find and fill up holes in your house

The main reason why woodpeckers are attracted to your house is because they can make a lot of holes.

This is mostly because woodpeckers are looking for insects and, sometimes, nesting spaces, so pores and cavities in your house are a big problem.

You can get rid of woodpeckers by removing the openings in your house.

Also, while you remove the hole, fill it up with a sticky deterrent like steel wool or a granulated cayenne pepper. For those who don’t own concrete or brine, a thick coat of petroleum jelly can also work.

If you do not take care of these holes and cover your house’s exterior, you will have to deal with multiple visits from woodpeckers.

Wrap the trees

In white T-shirts.

Step 1: Get some old white t-shirts.

Step 2: Wrap them around your fruit trees.

Step 3: Secure the shirts around your trees with a rubber band.

Step 4: Pour cayenne pepper or chili powder all around the base of the trees.

Step 5: Remove the shirts after 1-2 weeks.

Remove trees near the house

Woodpeckers make home in dead trees near your home. If you take care of he dead trees, you will be able to get rid of them. Woodpeckers love such trees because these dead trees have a hollow area inside them, which serves as a perfect site for their nest. Now, that is the entire reason why these woodpeckers decide to call your house their home.

Go to the backyard and take a look at the trees around your house and realize if you find any dead trees near the house. Deleted them and take care of these trees.

While you do it, keep a distance from these birds. You can even ask your children to remove the birds from the trees.

Add movement do deter woodpeckers

You want to add movement to the sign so it catches the attention of the woodpecker without catching the attention of people.

This one uses a plastic owl which moves on a wire attached to a solar-charged battery every time the woodpecker hits the wood. The movement is subtle. It doesn’t startle most people, but it does distract the woodpecker.

Alternatively, you can use a lifelike plastic owl and set it up so that the beak and eyes are moving to gauge the bird’s reaction. If you like that idea, you could drill holes in the trunk and set an owl on a branch but be sure he doesn’t climb the tree.

Install a woodpecker house

Woodpeckers need nesting places to live in just like humans. The most important thing that you need to say first is that you have to identify where he is building his nest.

That where you want to place house for woodpeckers because that would be the place from where they can’t harm your house.

If the woodpeckers are damaging your house, you can first thing that you will do is call a skilled wildlife professional. So, you need to find an experienced person in wildlife removal who can fix the issue.

But make sure you check these things.

At first you need to get a professional person who will remove the woodpecker from your house.

But, some people try to do it themselves at first, but they hardly know what they are doing then.

So, if you haven’t tried then it’s okay.

Because, you need to know how to catch a woodpecker, and if you don’t know how to do that then you need to look it up on the internet until you till you find out how.


Try to capture him by hand.

Call a professional

There is nothing worse than having what you think is a wonderful home or business and you hear someone or something working away trying to destroy your property.

And there are in fact many reasons for a Woodpecker to start to peck on something such as your residence or place of business.

You cannot try to solve the problem yourself without firstly understanding the issues that are causing this behavior.

The first course of action is to try to prevent the Woodpeckers from pecking on your home or business.

For example, there may be a hole in your roof that allows them to get in and out of your house.

So, start by sealing off all holes that you can identify. There are also bird netting products that can be purchased online; this is a great solution.

My advice is to not hang anything in your home that you do not want the Woodpeckers to attack.

After all, it’s their home as well.

I am sure they will not want you to come home and start to destroy their domain.

One other factor that causes this behavior is the accumulation of dry foodstuff. Another reason why Woodpeckers like to peck on wood is to make holes in order to raise young.